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Daylight Release Shadowed With a Delay

Originally slated to release next week on April 8th, the psychothriller survival-horror game Daylight will be delayed until the end of the month. Developed by Zombie Studios, Daylight leaves you abandoned within a derelict hospital with only your phone, chemlights, and flares for illumination, navigation, and above all else... survival.
Now with an official release date of April 29th, a full three weeks later than expected; the game's publisher Atlus has stated the delay is the result of polishing. According to Destructoid, Atlus stated that due to the game's procedural generation, a new development workflow for Zombie Studios, they have decided to polish the mechanics which dictate the scare cues throughout the game to ensure they trigger correctly. SinceĀ Daylight is being developed on the Unreal 4 engine, the delays may very well be the result of the engine's new Blueprint Visual Scripting tool, a node-based system for scripting the back-end mechanics of gameplay found in the latest generation of game engines including CryEngine and Snowdrop.
Because of the delay Atlus appeased their awaiting customers with news of the game's pricing. Set at $15 retail, Daylight is available for pre-order on PC at $9.99. For those that will purchase the game on Playstation 4, PS+ subscribers can grab the game on sale for the first two weeks after the release at $9.99 while non-subscribers will pay $11.99.
Daylight will release across Windows-based PC and Playstation 4 platforms on April 29th.


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