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DC Cancels Six Titles in April

Last week DC comics released their April solicits, which revealed that six titles would be canceled in that month. This will make room for other titles like Batman: Eternal and Justice League United. Justice League America is one of the titles that was canceled, but will also be re-launched in April. Justice League of America will now be called Justice League United with new creative team Jeff Lemire and Mike Mckone (taking the Marvel route). This was initially supposed to be called Justice League Canada, but DC scrapped that title name in the April solicits. The roster for the team will include Supergirl, Stargirl, Animal Man, Green Arrow and much more.

Nightwing is also on the chopping block. Does that mean the rumors are true? Is Nightwing going to die? I guess we will find out when Forever Evil ends.

nightwing-230x350 Suicide Squad will be ending after 30 issues, one of the titles that started the New 52. This is perfect timing because Harley Quinn just received her own series. Harley was one of the driving forces of the Suicide Squad series. DC comics surprised me when they canceled Superman Unchained. The sales are great for the series, but maybe this series was always meant to be a mini-series. Stormwatch will also be cancelled in April. It is an under the radar series for DC Comics. Teen Titans was announced last week that it was being cancelled. This is another big title for DC Comics. If you want to learn more about this cancellation you can click here for the article I wrote last week about the cancellation. What do you think about all of these cancellations? Did your favorite series get cancelled? What new series will replace these cancelled titles? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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