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Dirt 3 Complete Coming in March

In case you missed Codemasters latest off-road outing they're re-releasing it for $20 dollars less and it comes with a tonne of free dlc content on this disc.

This isn't the first game to do this, and actually seems to be a growing trend among studios given the Komplete edition of Mortal Kombat recently alongside the ever present goty editions of games it’s nice that anyone who has yet to check out Dirt 3 can do so for less while getting some extras.  The bonus content itself includes:

  • The Monte Carlo Rally Pack
  • X Games Asia Track Pack,
  • Power and Glory Pack
  • Mud and Guts Car Pack
  • Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack
  • Ken Block Special Pack
  • Mini Gymkhana Special Pack.

    Roughly $30 dollars’ worth of dlc if you were to go get this stuff online, not a bad deal at all.   This re-release will be out on 360, Ps3 and PC sometime next month.


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