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Bring it Back: Heavy Gear

With the likes of indi developed Hawken and the franchise reboot F2P MMO Mech Warrior: Online on the horizon I’ve become increasingly interested in seeing more studios return to the mech game sub-genre

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God of War: Ascension Confirmed

What began as an accidental spoiled reveal by Amazon was later confirmed by Sony; a new God of War for PS3 is indeed on its way and it isn’t God of War 4.

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Skullgirls: Review

Skullgirls doesn’t deliver on its promises of a newcomer friendly training system and its raw content is pretty light, especially in terms of single player.

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Just Add Water teases Hand of Odd

While it was sort of confirmed but mostly just rumoured months ago Oddworld: Hand of Odd; the long delayed fifth title in the Oddworld franchise is indeed being developed.

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Skullgirls: Preview

Skullgirls is a game you may not know about, and for good reason; it’s an independently developed fighting game but it looks amazing.

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