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Divekick & Deadly Premonition Among New Games Greenlit by Steam

Valve has given the green light to 16 more titles for distribution on Steam. The latest batch announced today includes two software and 14 game titles.

The two software titles are an audio editor and extractor focused on music production with a friendly user-interface along with loads of filters and audio formats for export; the other is a graphical editor focused on illustration with the ability to both record and replay your work showcasing how you illustrated your art in real-time.

The fourteen game titles approved by Valve span a few genres and styles of game-play including both side-scrollers and 3-D games; from shooters to horror games, and a couple of sandbox exploratory games with a focus on environmental and player interaction. The bunch offers a plethora of games styles for an equivalent amount of gaming interests.

One of the most requested games to be greenlit by Steam finally did, which is Iron Galaxy Studios' Divekick. The two button fighting game that is also coming to the Playstation 3 and Vita on August 20th is now getting a PC version as well. Along with Divekick on Steam Greenlight today was Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut, one of this console generation's cult classics. This director's cut was already released on the Playstation 3 earlier this year, so more people get to see why this game was beloved despite its critical reception.

Also of note, the bunch includes: a Source-engine remake of Half-Life: Opposing Force (Operation Black Mesa), a more sophisticated 3-D spiritual successor to Space Station 13 (Centration), a gritty powder-keg throwback side-scroller for fans of Duke Nukem and Contra (BROFORCE), and an interesting mix between games such as Cannon Fodder, Jagged Alliance, Alien Swarm, and Desert Strike via the squad-based top-down shooter Recruits.

Voted for by the community via Steam Greenlight, Valve is pleased to pronounce that they have reached out to the developers of the following titles for distribution through the Steam store:


Dexster Audio Editor

GraphicEditor openCanvas


A Hat in Time

Among the Sleep





Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut


Operation Black Mesa

Project Awakened






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