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Donald Glover Creates His Own Music Themed Comedy

Actor Donald Glover is set to create and star in his own series that will air on FX. He will write, executive produce and star in a half hour comedy with a music theme. The series is tentatively called Atlanta, and will center around the music scene in Atlanta. Glover grew up in Atlanta, where he was surrounded by the music scene and was heavily influenced by hip hop. He has recently made a career out of it, with the stage name of Childish Gambino. Glover is able to work on this project primarily as he is no longer a regular on the NBC comedy Community, which he gained much of his popularity from. Although no longer a regular, he is scheduled to appear in five of the 13 episodes of Community's upcoming fifth season. 

Donald Glover started as a writer for the series 30 Rock before landing his role on Community, with all the fame that followed, including a guest appearance on HBO's hit series Girls. On Community, Glover played Troy Barnes, a former high school quarter back who had become an air conditioning repair annex recruit. He has also had two comedy specials. In this new series, Glover is set to give audiences an inside look at what it was like growing up in the music influenced environment  of Atlanta. Of course, with Glover in front of and behind the camera, there will be plenty of comedic elements as well. Keep your eyes out for this upcoming music-themed comedy that will be sure to entertain. 

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