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‘Dyad’ Comes Out Next Week On PSN

One of the more highly praised and original Playstation Network games at E3 last month was Dyad, a hybrid of a shooter, puzzler and racer, with seizure-inducing effects. It finally has an official release date of next Tuesday, July 17, on the Playstation Store for $15. This game was created by Shawn McGrath and he has been working on it for nearly four years.

Just by the visuals alone, Dyad is not going for everyone, due to its intense epliesy warnings. For those that do not mind it, it will contain a single player campaign of more than 20 levels, 20 more freakout stages, and another 20 remix levels that will push the epliesy warnings to its limits. All of the crazy action can be seen in 1080p and 60 frames-per-second as well. Players that are familiar with games like Rez and Child of Eden will be fine with this PSN exclusive release. Dyad is set to release on July 17, only on the Playstation Network, and you can expect a to see a full review soon. The game's launch trailer can be seen below: 


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