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E3 2014: Sony Press Conference Recap

Sony’s E3 press conference can be described simply as a road of peaks and valleys. We started off strong with a huge array of different game titles all across the board, even an announcement that was released today! Then we hit the deep valley of chatting about simple services and original video content that is frankly the thing Sony stood against last year. It was crazy not to think that Playstation Now would come up but everything else was bloated in the worst possible way. Still, we ended with a hell of a bang, knocking out the last bit of some of the most highly anticipated games. Well, I have a lot of games to talk about so without further ado, lets jump into Sony’s E3 2014 press conference.
We were first given a taste of what Destiny has in store for us. This trailer definitely gave us a bit more backstory about just what is going on with the story in the game than past games. The game has a lot to live up too, claiming to have a ten year life span along with being developed by Bungie, can the game really live up to what its striving for? Along with this we got the announcement of an exclusive map and mission for PS4 owners. Sony also showed off a new white PS4 bundle with Destiny along with the exclusive alpha being offered to PS4 members. I was a bit bummed to not see an extended gameplay demo but for what it’s worth the trailer they showed was pretty grand.

The Order 1886
The Order 1886 is probably Sony's biggest game in their vast deck of cards. Until now they have been pretty stingy on the details of the game as well has full gameplay footage. Finally, we were given a sample of what we can expect from the game including some horror elements along with its beautifully rendered world. We finally have confirmation that this is not merely a third person shooter with zombies, but a third person shooter with zombies that just happen to turn into werewolves... that talk apparently. The game has seen its fair share of criticism, but this footage should hopefully put some people in check as it seems to be looking great in the hands of Ready at Dawn.

This game was rumored about a month or so ago and was both announced and released in one big swoop. The game features some beautiful art and animation to connect the story of two souls that cannot seem to be together. This was the start of many Indie games shown for Sony and like I said, it is available on Playstation 4 right now.
Infamous: First Light
Sucker Punch continues their trend of making stand alone DLC for their games with the new Infamous content. The DLC features Fletch and her neon powers and looks to explain to tragic backstory that molded her into one of the better characters in that game.

Little Big Planet 3
Man, did I not see this one coming but it makes absolute sense. Little Big Planet is one of the most charming franchises Sony has and also one of the most creative. Boasting an insane array of customization options, players have created some truly amazing worlds to explore in previous iterations. With Little Big Planet 3 we got a look at some familiar ground with a few new faces. The game now features three new friends that will accompany SackBoy among his goofy adventures. Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop all have their own unique charm and abilities. To say that Little Big Planet looks adorable would be a huge understatement and I’m looking forward to seeing more about how the world building has changed.

Previously known as Project Beast, Bloodborne is the next game by From Software and does it show. The game has the pedigree of the Souls franchise and you can fully expect to die a lot when the game launches in 2015. There is still very little we know about the game but I have seen enough to make me yearn for its release.

Far Cry 4
Not only did we get to see more Far Cry 4 (also shown at the Ubi presser) but we also got to see the addition of co op, attack elephants and an absurdly awesome Playstation exclusive. What is that exclusive? Apparently, the co-op in the Playstation 4 version of the game can be played with friends who DO NOT own the game. This is a brilliant idea that I really hope to see more of. Sure, you could play the whole game in co-op with a friend without the other person paying a dime, but my guess is most people who enjoy the game from that co op experience will be more inclined to pick the game up. It’s a great way to give a demo of a product and something that I really do hope catches on.
Dead Island 2
Yeah, this one kinda came out of nowhere. When the trailer started I assumed it was a Dying Light trailer but that thought quickly faded. We were treated to a pretty slapstick but also awesome trailer that ended up being Dead Island 2! The trailer was CG but I really did like the new lighter tone they were going for here and wanna catch more.

Magicka 2
Sony’s big trend last E3 was indie developers and smaller games in general and that really kept up this year. Magicka was an incredibly quirky and fun PC game that allowed you to make literally thousands of spell combinations. It was a ton of fun and also quite hilarious and that looks to be continuing here in Magicka 2. This trailer showed no gameplay but boy was it amazing.
Grim Fandango Remastered
I have never had the pleasure of playing Grim Fandango but am well aware of the legacy it has left behind. This was totally unexpected from Sony and also completely amazing to hear. I am really excited to finally get to see what everyone has been talking about with Double Fine's Grim Fandango.

First to Premiere Indie Titles
Along with the pushing of smaller titles, Sony had a huge list of games that would see their console debut first on the Playstation 4, this list includes but is not limited to: Broforce, Titan Souls, Not a Hero, Hotline Miami 2 and the Talos Principle.
Let It Die
Suda 51 is a weird dude. He makes weird games that all vary in quality, but if there is one thing he is consistent with it is uniqueness. I don’t really know what is happening in the Let It Die trailer, but it would be silly to write it off now. The PS4 exclusive looks to be mixing turn based strategy with an emphasis on relentless brutality.

This little gem made it's debut at Sony’s conference teasing some wonderful visuals and atmosphere. The music was lovely, mysterious and soothing just as the visuals and tonally has the vibe of Journey which isn’t too surprising considering Giant Squid features many of those developers.

The Last of Us Remastered
We knew it was coming but who knew that the remastering of one of the Playstation 3's best games is coming in little over a month? The Last of Us will be hitting the PS4 on July 29th and Naughty Dog has taken extreme measures to make that game look even more pretty than before. The game will also include all of previous DLC. The trailer here pretty much spoils just about every great moment in the game so watch at your own risk!
No Man’s Sky
No Man’s Sky was shown initially at the Spikes VGA’s and pretty much blew away any and all game critics. It is one of the most ambitious games I have ever seen, creating an infinite galaxy, all procedurally generated and seamlessly put together. Leave one planet to land on another without the hindrance of a load screen, and this will be making it's debut on the Playstation 4.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
The trailer was leaked a bit early but it would be crazy for Metal Gear not to show up at Sony's conference. The series has been a part of the Playstation for a very long time and while it is multi-platform now I think many still think of it has Sony's franchise. The trailer features some really crazy hard to describe stuff about snakes next endeavor and most fans wouldn't have it any other way. I really liked Ground Zeroes and cannot wait to play more Metal Gear, you know compared to the five minutes Ground Zeroes took (ZING!).
Mortal Kombat X
There are only a handful of games that have truly impressed me so far and Mortal Kombat X is one of them. It was no surprise that WB would shown many of it's games at Sony’s conference considering their list of exclusive missions and content for many of their games, but I never expected to see so much MK so soon. Not only does Mortal Kombat X seem to look like a true next gen title, it simultaneously released footage of two brand new characters—who look rad—and I can’t wait to see more of the game.

Grand Theft Auto V
It's been rumored for a very long time but Sony finally made it official that Grand Theft Auto V will be making an appearance on next Gen consoles. Rockstar claims that there are quite a large amount of tweaks that will make the game feel next gen, but they didn't want to leave devoted fans of GTA Online in the dust either. Players on the PS3 side AND 360 (that's right) will be able to transfer their GTA Online status when the game releases this fall.
Batman: Arkham Knight
With the recent delay, people we're bummed that they couldn't grab Batman’s new adventure till early 2015. Well I can let you know that the wait got just a bit longer as Arkham Knight's extended gameplay trailer came out swinging. The beautifully rendered city and character models are surely one of the best out there and once again RockSteady seems to be behind the wheel. We also got a look at the ways the Batmobile will come into play along the streets of Gotham.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
The last footage shown was the predictably Sony exclusive title, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Things apparently aren't going well for our old friends Nathan Drake and Sully as what it seems like they return to the jungle in their last adventure. Now, we are all aware that Naughty Dog are technical wizards and Naughty Dog claims that the trailer is shot with "in-engine" footage. If this is true then Nathan Drake may just be the most detailed and realistic looking character to date. The footage looks startling and while it is just a very brief sample of what's to come then I am back on board for a new Uncharted game.

Wrap Up
I mentioned the lull that went throughout Sony's conference in the middle and while I didn't care for a lot of it there were some neat tidbits that I would like the mention before we close this down.
  • Youtube Integration is on the way. Post your clips directly to Youtube!
  • Playstation Now enters beta what sounds like for everyone on July 31st
  • Playstation TV is coming to the U.S for $99
  • Powers is the show coming out for Sony, will be free for all PS Plus members

There were certainly some let downs at Sony’s conference. It was unreasonable to think that the energy from last year would be present as they brought the heat on all fronts. Still, I think the conference went overall pretty well and sealed in that Sony is really committed to big titles and indies alike. I am looking forward to seeing more of these games just as much as you so stay on Entertainment Fuse for our E3 coverage throughout the week.


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