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EA Announces SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Expansion

EA is taking a leap into the future of city simulation. On November 12, 2013, the first expansion for the SimCity reboot will bring the player ran cities into the world of tomorrow.

Known as Cities of Tomorrow, the expansion will completely redress SimCity into a future cityspace decades if not hundreds of years beyond its modern day aesthetic. Miraculous advancements in technology have led to break-throughs in not only the devices that help maintain the city but also those that help build it.  Exotic service drones will roam about the city cleaning up debris while maintaining the cities' infrastructure, Mag Levs will bring new rises to the cityspace as well creating self-sufficient MegaTower communities. New sources of power and modes of transportation will open up more design possibilities. However, technological advancements have also led to a new threat to your city, a disatrous giant robot.

The expansion will furthermore add two new city specializations custom-tailored for the sci-fi setting; mega corporation, and urban utopia.


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