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EA Sports UFC’s Career Mode Features The Ultimate Fighter

We are itching closer to EA Sports UFC's June 17th release for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One as more details about the game's career mode were shown off in a new trailer below. Not only career mode stars your created fighter rising up the ranks to become champion and potentially have a long lasting legacy, it all begins with The Ultimate Fighter, the hit show on Fox Sports 1 that showcases up and coming talent competing for an UFC contract.

Just like the show, The Ultimate Fighter part of career mode in EA Sports UFC gives you training exercises to work on your skills and stats before competing in a set number of fights for that UFC contract. Once getting that contract, it is all about making your presence felt during your run for a championship belt at whatever weight class you chose. There are meters showcasing your popularity by coming up with highlight reel knockouts or submissions as well as your longevity how long you can withstand the opposition if you keep losing.
Another cool feature demonstrated in the trailer above is the game's level up system with evolution and experience points. Evolution points are used for improving your stats and coming up with new moves. Using a perk-like system similar to Call of Duty, experience points can be attributed to your gameplan, whether if it is your stand up game, ground game, or physical abilities (in other words the power of your punches and kicks). This can dictate the style of your fighter where he or she likes to stand up and bang with your opponent or someone that likes takedowns and prefers action on the ground.
EA Sports UFC comes out on June 17th for Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. A demo for both systems is slated to be available for download sometime before the game's release.


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