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Early Season Ratings for Nurse Jackie Look Promising

Season 5 of Nurse Jackie premiered recently; so far viewers have seen the first two episodes, but it may be too early to tell if people will continue watching at this point. Each season, a television show has to go through the tough situation of determining whether its viewers will return and ensure the show’s renewal for another season. Nurse Jackie has certainly enjoyed success over the years with its viewership, as well as with multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominations and praise from critics. As a result, viewers have come to expect great entertainment from Edie Falco in the starring role of Jackie Peyton, and from an excellent supporting cast that offers up an equal amount of drama and comedy.



Nurse Jackie airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM on Showtime, and like its previous four seasons, the current season is 10 episodes long. At this point, it may be too soon to say for sure, but the current season's ratings seem to be about level with last season’s and possibly rising a bit. This could be due to the fact that it is early in the season, but the season premiere gained .77 million total viewers with about a 1% decrease after the second episode aired. The debut was considerably higher than last season's; it is also worth noting that the Season four debut only gained .65 million viewers and averaged .56 million viewers over the course of the season. It is nice to see a bit of a rise in the audience of such a well-done and entertaining show. Is everyone still enjoying the show? What are your thoughts on the current state of the show and its possible future?


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