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Easter Eggs We Want to See in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Half the fun of Marvel movies are the Easter Eggs! With what may be the biggest Marvel movie to date on its way, we can rest assured that there'll be Easter Eggs abound. In addition, since we know what movies are coming out for the next five or six years we can maybe guess what Easter Eggs there may be. So with that said, I've went ahead and assembled a list of Easter Eggs we hope to see in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="289"] Mostly just the classic "bundled up for Novemeber" look from the comics[/caption]

Coulson and/or SHIELD

As far as we know, in the MCU the Avengers don't know  that Coulson is alive and is running his own SHIELD (well most don't know if you count Nick Fury as an Avenger). Now, I'm not talking about the team dealing with that revelation in this movie. There's enough stuff going on without lumping that on too. Still, I'd like some acknowledgment. Something to validate fans of Agents of SHIELD, a hint of the universe going on outside the movie, you get the idea. Nothing too big. A sly remark from Fury, something on a computer screen, a piece of tech from teh show "on loan from some friends". Something.

Cap's Energy Shield

From one (or multiple, I can't remember) trailers, we see that Cap's shield gets broken. Which has happened in the comics, it's not exactly a shocking event. In fact, Cap's shield has been lost multiple times in the comics, which usually results in his getting an energy shield. The energy shields have had a bunch of different functions over the years. Some transform into staffs, some can ricochet of stuff (somehow), and others have even fired their own projectiles. Knowing that Cap most certainly doesn't die in this movie -- ahem Captain America: Civil War ahem -- that means he'll be walking around without a shield to wield. Barring time travel, of course. Since Joss Whedon isn't afraid of delving into the source material, an energy shield is within reason. I mean, we've seen from the TV spot that Stark has designed magnetic gauntlets for his shield, why couldn't he have built an energy shield too? The Easter Egg writes itself. Stark feels the old shield is too archaic, too "old fashioned". His energy shield is a much needed upgrade. Of course Steve refuses, but that's all we need. A look at it. A taste. It'll fully arrive in Civil War, in all its laser-shield glory. Until the vibranium one comes back, that is.


Poor Doctor Strange. The MCU has turned a lot of the more magic-y parts of its universe into a form of advanced science, but there's no real way around that for you, is there? You've got to set up the whole magic aspect of the MCU yourself. Tough luck. Seems like you could use help from your friends-- wait, why am I talking to a movie? Jesus, I'm really slipping. I need sleep, you guys. Yikes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="432"] But, like, figuratively.[/caption] Anyway, yes, Doctor Strange has a lot to set up. There are a few movies between Age of Ultron and Strange, but they still need to ease audiences into the concept of magic existing in this world. Though Agents of SHIELD may be the easiest way, the movies will easily reach more people. So I hope that we get little nods to magic existing in the universe. Maybe some well known magical artifacts in Strucker's compound, maybe Ultron says that he's discovered "things that would defy understanding" with his superior intelligence, maybe the Wakandians have dealing in magic. You know, something to at least plant the seed.

Pym's Involvement in Ultron

In the movie Stark has built Ultron off, as rumor has it, Chitauri technology. Sure. That's fine, I guess. Still, I'd like some credit given to Pym. At least for history's sake. Nothing too grand. Maybe the idea for the Ultron Program came from Pym's company years ago, but failed. Maybe Pym tried building Ultron himself in the 80s or whatever, but the technology just wasn't there. Not only would it be a cool nod, but you could be setting up Ant-Man at the same time. That way it's not just a weird "out there" movie with no ties to the rest of the universe. It gives Pym some weight. Some sense of history. Probably should leave out all that spousal abuse though, unless we're looking to get dark. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="386"] OH... ohhhh....[/caption]

Inhumans. Something Inhumans.

Well it looks like the Maximoff twins aren't Inhumans, just the result of experiments with Loki's staff. I don't know if that means that the whole "Inhumans are the MCU's mutants" thing is off the table too. Bummer. That really would have worked out well. It may be too early (we're years away from the Inhumans movie), but I'd love to see an Easter Egg about them. They're becoming a pretty big deal on Agents of SHIELD, so it's not like they'll be pulling them wildly out of the blue. Plus, it's not like I'm asking them to do a power point on their origin, just something. Honestly, I'm not really sure what. It's a very specific part of the universe and saying something like "we're finding more and more superpowered people every day" is far too vague. Maybe they just classify these new naturally superpowered people "Inhumans". That's the way it's seeming to go with Agents of SHIELD. We can dream. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="454"] Just something subtle, like this[/caption] Regardless, I'd love to see some nod to the future. Even if it's just a giant bulldog with a tuning fork in its forehead.


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