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Eli Roth to Direct Russell Crowe as Dracula in ‘Harker’

We last checked in on Warner Bros.' vampire flick Harker in February, when Russell Crowe first became attached as one of the lead characters. Now he’s fully on board to star, and Hostel filmmaker Eli Roth is negotiating to direct.

Deadline Hollywood confirms that Crowe will star, but as Dracula and not the film’s titular Scotland Yard investigator, Jonathan Harker. The two worked together on RZA’s upcoming action flick The Man with the Iron Fists, with Crowe starring in the film and Roth on screenwriting duties.

Jaume Collet-Serra was previously attached to direct the vampire flick, but left the helm to tackle the adaptation of the classic anime Akira. Although that project went south thanks to its impossible budget, the director is currently working with his Unknown star Liam Neeson on Non-Stop, yet another action-based thriller, and WB wants to get Harker into production sometime next year.

Story details for the film are still being put together, and when the story finally falls into place, WB will work on finding its Jonathan Harker, which is sure to be a sought-after role with Crowe on the opposite side of the marquee.


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