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‘Ender’ Wins Box Office Game, ‘Thor 2’ Massive Overseas

While things were a tad more quiet domestically at the box office, lead by a solid $28 million start for Ender’s Game, the god of thunder made a mighty splash internationally, raking in over $100 million ahead of its release Stateside next weekend. 

Based on the seminal sci-fi novel of the same name, Ender’s Game got off to a $28 million start according to estimates, which puts it above After Earth, though down on other genre titles this year such as Oblivion, Elysium and Pacific Rim. Still, it’s a decent debut, but one which may be hindered further down the line with the release of Thor: The Dark World in a week’s time. 

Doing very well in its sophomore weekend (and posting by far the best hold in the franchise) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa dipped by just over a third to $20.5 million for a strong $62.1 million tally. It too will likely take a hit from Marvel’s sequel, but for the $15 million budgeted production, it’s already a win. 

The Top 10 

1. Ender’s Game – $28.0M (weekend)…$28.0M (gross)
2. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – 20.5M…$62.1M
3. Last Vegas – $16.5M…$16.5M
4. Free Birds – $16.2M…$16.2M
5. Gravity – $13.1M…$219.2M
6. Captain Phillips – $8.5M…$82.6M
7. 12 Years a Slave – $4.6M…$8.7M
8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – $4.2M…$106.2M
9. Carrie – $3.4M…$31.9M
10. The Counsellor – $3.2M…$13.7M


Fighting it out for third was Last Vegas and Free Birds which are currently just $320,000 apart with $16.5 million and $16.2 million respectively. Among other geriatric comedies, Last Vegas did quite respectively and with strong word of mouth among older patrons, look for this one to hold on throughout November. Free Birds will likely do the same simply do to the nature of the genre, but it’s a weak showing in a year which has seen favour tilted towards established animated brands. 

Finally we get to Thor: The Dark World, where overseas it’s amassed an excellent $109.4 million from about 70 percent of the international market, which makes its performance universally up from the original on a country by country basis. With what should be another strong showing internationally and a debut domestically tracking around $100 million, this is looking like another sure fire winner for Marvel and Disney.


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