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Epic Games Announce New & Free Unreal Tournament

Epic Games promised a big announcement today regarding the future of their Unreal Tournament franchise and it turns out they delivered on that promise in a surprising way. Their Twitch stream had the details, but basically, a new Unreal Tournament game has been announced and it is free to play for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

Nope, this is not the standard "free to play" game most gamers are used to these days with numerous microtransactions to buy such as characters, maps, etc. Instead, Epic's approach to having a free Unreal Tournament will be driven by the PC mod community. Players can spend money on mods they want to use in their game while Epic will get a cut from some sales as their way of getting money back from laying out the groundwork.
If you're wondering whether or not this will be a showcase for the new Unreal Engine 4, this game will indeed use it, but as mentioned earlier, it depends on the community to come up with impressive mods that take advantage of the new tech. For those already interested in contributing into the new Unreal Tournament, click here.
There is no date yet announced for Epic's crowddriven Unreal Tournament yet, but an alpha version is planned to get people started. Satisfied this franchise is back by Epic in a cool and interesting way? Let us know in the comments below.


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