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Everything is Awesome: Ninjago Movie

Anyone who has watched a sliver of television in the recent past is sure to have seen The Lego Movie ads announcing the home video release of the smash hit. If you were not won over by film on its theatrical run, perhaps now is the time to give the movie another go around from the comfort of your home. Now, to be sure, The Lego Movie is through and through a 90-minute advertisement of plastic building blocks, but my god is it the most entertaining and self-aware advert. Ninjago_Rebooted_Wallpaper If you have embraced consumerism as a way of life, as I clearly have, then you’ll be happy to hear that The Lego Movie already has a sequel in the works. The new movie, which is not so much a sequel as a spinoff, will feature one of Lego’s most popular brands Ninjago. You can currently enjoy the cute little ninja blocks in animated form as a kids show on Cartoon Network, video games, and play sets. The film is not slated to come out for another two years. You can however, get your first taste of Ninjago the film in the form of Lego’s favorite medium, an advertisement:


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