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Evo 2015 New Character Announcements

"A newcomer for Street Fighter V & an unlikely returning one for Mortal Kombat X"
Evo 2015 at Las Vegas last weekend was one for the ages with miraculous comebacks, early celebrations, emotional victories and drama, but there were also new announcements for existing and upcoming fighting games.

First up is a newcomer for Street Fighter V by the name of Necalli. This unique character has a mix of rushdown and grappler styles along with having ground pounds as his V-Skill. His V-Trigger makes him go Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan style, but with red hair, allowing to him access to new moves, have better frame data in his normal attacks and also a new critical art super. It's unknown how Necalli fits into the storyline for now, but Capcom has said that will be talked about at a later time.
Capcom also had a Street Fighter V panel last weekend announcing more key information, specifically how post-release content is gonna be handled. They have been criticized in the past for releasing too much paid updates for the Street Fighter IV series both as downloads and at retailers. That is not the case anymore for the sequel as the initial Street Fighter V disc is the only one you need. In addition, all balance updates after release will be free as well as gameplay related content is earnable for free. The initial roster will be sixteen characters and four of them are newcomers. Lastly, there is a new economic model for unlockable content similar to other competitive games where fight money can be gained by just playing the game or zenny where players can spend real money to get content right away.
The first beta is out this Thursday for PS4 folks that pre-ordered at specific retailers or PSN. Codes are being e-mailed today for those that did at retailers such as GameStop and Amazon. The second & third phases of the beta later this year will test out cross platform play between PS4 and PC players as well as their new economic model. I'll have my hands-on impressions of Street Fighter V's first beta next week.

For Mortal Kombat X fans, Tremor was finally shown off officially in a new trailer. He is the last character for the Kombat Pack season pass and you'll be able to play as him as early as tomorrow if you own that. For everyone else, Tremor is out is on July 28th. Along with this unlikely returning character, Klassic Skins Pack #2 is out tomorrow for Kombat Pack owners, which features MK3 Kung Lao, MK3 Jax and MK4 Quan Chi. All of these will be also demoed in detail in a new KombatKast tomorrow on NetherRealm's Twitch channel.
Any of these characters announced at Evo 2015 got you excited to play as them? Let us know in the comments below.


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