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“Evo Moment 37” Book Released

Want to read more about not only the biggest moment in competitive fighting game history, but arguably one of the biggest moments in all of competitive gaming? A new book, simply called "Evo Moment 37" just like the infamous video below in case you haven't seen it yet, was released today and it is all about the "Daigo Parry" pulled off by one of the greatest Street Fighter players of all-time, Daigo Umehara, back in Evolution 2004 at Pomona, CA.

Other than posting stats from fighting game tournaments several years back under Get Your Tournament and potentially jinxing world record speedruns on Twitter, Glenn Cravens is the author of this book and has previously written "Monterey Bay Thunder" and "Three in the Secret Society."
“I’m very pleased that the book is now a reality. With all of the planning, interviews and writing, it has taken almost a year to put this book together, and I am very happy that today I can begin to share my book with everyone.” Cravens said. “I want to thank everyone who helped make the writing of book possible.”

The book itself costs $9.99 and can be purchased here. While only available in paperback for now, "Evo Moment 37" will be available on Kindle sometime soon. More details about the book are at evomoment37.com.
This moment alone influenced many players to start playing fighting games competitively and made Evolution, Evo for short, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world. This year's tournament takes place at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, LV on July 11-13, 2014. Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, and Super Smash Bros. Melee are some of the big games players will compete in this summer not just for money but also fighting game immortality.


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