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Face the Beast with this First Look at Evolve

We have finally gotten our first glimpse at Evolve, the next game by Turtle Rock Studios best known for the popular Left 4 Dead series. Evolve's focus seems to be mainly on multiplayer, although Turtle Rock has stated there will be a single player of sorts. Multiplayer is based around a four vs. one system (cleverly shown on the games title card) where four mercenary players hunt down the one Goliath player, getting stronger every second he or she stays alive. Each player as you can expect portrays a different class, ranging from medic to assault to trapper. The last class I mentioned is one of the more unique classes of the game and may just be the most important one. Evolve starts with the one monster player running off into the distance, desperately trying to eat the wildlife and evolve into a more powerful killing machine. 20140108_evolve_2 The trappers job is to find the monster as soon as possible, increasing the chance of eliminating the Goliath quickly and effectively. This is accomplished by tracking footprints, watching how wildlife moves like birds and setting up sound posts around the map. Unlike Left 4 Dead, the other creatures in the world are less emphasized and the game seems to really focused around finding the other lone player. The worlds seem open and non-linear, giving the beast plenty of room to hide, run and ambush. Things can change though, as the Goliath eats other animals and increases in strength, the table slowly turns and the hunters eventually become the hunted. With each level up the beast gets tougher, ranging from more armor and different abilities, the four human players really need to be on their game to find the beast quickly before things get out of hand. It all sounds incredibly ambitious and a hell of a lot of fun as you can expect to see Evolve on PS4, Xbox One and PC when it launches this fall.


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