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Fan Expo: Nightwing Announcement Coming September 4th

It has been rumored for some time now that DC's going to be killing off Nightwing in the Forever Evil event because DC seems to have zero marketing plan and reverts to "lets kill someone" whenever they want something to be important.

Officially, however, DC has been mum on the whole thing. That could change early this September.

Forever Evil

The Fan Expo going on at Toronto had a panel moderated by DC Comic's Vice President of Marketing John Cunningham in which he said, “the Internet is going to explode on September fourth, and it’s all going to be about Nightwing.”

It's confirmed that Nightwing will be one of the only non-villains featured in Forever Evil, even appearing in preview pages of issue one. Could they be aiming for a Death of Superman style hype-up? One shouldn't put it past them.

Injured Nightwing

Intrigued? Excited? ENRAAAAGED? We'll be back September 4th to let you in on all the juicy -- possibly fatal -- details.


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