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Fans Give Double Fine a Million Dollars

In case you've missed the ongoing story from the past few days; following the Notch (Minecrafts creator if you didn't know) and Double Fine's discussion that happened over Twitter which is now rumoured to be resulting in a possible Psychonaughts 2, Double Fine has continued their unusual activity by starting a kick-starter for another project.

What initially began as a simple attempt by beloved developer Tim Schaefer and co. at raising $400,000 for the development of a new adventure game, which by today’s game budgets is a fairly modest amount has been pushed to a degree of crazy no one was really expecting.  Only a day or so ago Double Fine announced the kick-starter to get this game made in the video below and within literally hours not only had they met the goal of obtaining the 400k to do so but exceeded it.  Fast forward less than a day later and that money has gone over 1 million and although is slowing down continues to go up.   This proves that if you happen to have a long beloved studio with countless niche but nonetheless super popular and well received titles fans will be all too happy to repay and then some, assuming it means more fabulous games from the studio of course.    Not only has this game now been entirely fan-funded but Double Fine also intends to involve their fans in the process of its development as much as possible; taking feedback and suggestions from their enthusiastic community as the project moves along as well as filming the process that will ultimately result as a documentary film released alongside the game.

It's certainly a feel good story if there ever was one, the only question remains is what will that extra 600k plus dollars result in, perhaps the scope of the game will be greatly expanded or perhaps the money will be used for another title.  In the end this entire thing has just put a giant smile on my face and it certainly makes Double Fine's imagine as being one of the most unique game studios in existence continue on.

Here is the original video that got this madness rolling, it's pretty entertaining in of itself:


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