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Final Fantasy VII Remake Latest Details

"Remake will be split into multiple games"
While the latest gameplay footage for Square-Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake is still the talk of Playstation Experience weekend, the details revealed tonight by the publisher have fueled the talks even more in an unexpected way. In case you missed the trailer yesterday morning, it's available to watch below.

The big news tonight from Square-Enix themselves is that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a multi-part series than one big game like the original. It will be split up into multiple releases due to how big the original game was. Seeing that we only seen the early parts of Midgar in the latest trailer above, this makes more sense to divide it up into separate releases. Also, rather get parts earlier than expected compared to waiting a few more years in typical Final Fantasy fashion right?
Also announced in the project is CyberConnect2, the folks behind the recent Naruto fighting games. Gameplay for now is ditching the Active Time system seen in the original for a more action-focused approach being a mix of the Dissidia games and Kingdom Hearts. The gameplay and potential story changes mean that Square-Enix is making this to satisfy both fans and newcomers, not just those wanting the nostalgia to replay the exact original with better graphics. (There's the PS4 versionĀ of the original's PC port out now on the Playstation Store to play instead).
No release window still hasn't been announced besides Playstation 4 owners being able to play Final Fantasy VII Remake first. With this multi-game approach now, we get to play a part of it earlier than we thought.


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