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Final Fantasy XV Delayed to November

"Two more months can't hurt if you're waiting for over twelve years right?"
It was rumored for a couple days from retailers, but Square-Enix made it official late last night. Final Fantasy XV needs a couple more months to be fully ready to be released. The new release date for the long awaited (literally) entry for the franchise is now November 29, 2016. Director Hajime Tabata explained the reason for the delay in the video above. He mentioned that the game was gonna be gold for the original September release. The master version was done and a new extended video will be up on August 16th, around Gamescom time. However a big day one patch was planned for the original launch fixing lingering issues and polishing bugs. Square-Enix decided to include that day one patch in a new final master version that will be released in November. Another reason is that substantial patch would require an internet connection and didn't believe everyone has internet to download it. It's 2016 Square-Enix and I'm sure your fans are properly equipped to play your game. After a blowout event at Los Angeles in March announcing the September date and other projects related to the game, this has to put a wrench in Square-Enix's marketing plans for Final Fantasy XV. With the Brotherhood anime still going and the Kingsglaive movie out this weekend at limited theaters, there's still lots of stuff to consume until then. Perhaps Square-Enix didn't want to pull a No Man's Sky, which had a big day one patch that significantly changed the game. ffxv_delay-1200x675 I was concerned with how the game was shaping up after it's Microsoft E3 press conference showing. They didn't pick a good battle to show off and the Uncovered event was enough to hype up the game. Plus, launching in late November will be better for the game despite missing the Black Friday window. It would be a lengthy game to play over the holidays than trying to rush it to play other games. If it still came out in September, it would of been lost in the shuffle despite the Final Fantasy name. Final Fantasy XV now comes out on November 29th. Anyone else okay or disappointed by this delay? Sound off in the comments below.


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