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First Look: Lady Killer #1

Lady Killer was one of the twelve creator owned series Dark Horse Comics announced they would be launching at SDCC. In this darkly humorous mini-series, seemingly mild-mannered homemaker Josie Schuller is not everything she appears to be. This loving wife and mother of the year is also an assassin. Murder and intrigue are combined with the idyllic domesticity of the 60s to create some gut-busting comedy… literally!   The mini-series will be written by Joëlle Jones (Madame Frankenstein) and Jamie S. Rich (Grendel, Madman Atomic Comics). Joëlle Jones will also be illustrating Lady Killer. The colors will be done by Laura Allred (Batman '66, iZombie).   Here is a preview of Lady Killer #1 and my first impressions:     Lady Killer #1 Preview   I love how this concept mixes the 60s homemaker with a killer. This preview jumps right into the action and mixes the feminine charm with the murderous intentions well by having Mrs. Anderson act as an Avon agent while also actively trying to murder this unsuspecting woman. It is fairly funny how her attempted fail so pitifully at first, but I hope for more laughable moments from the rest of the issue and maybe even a playful critic of the 60s homemaker image. Though I would have liked if their was more of a build-up to the reveal that Mrs. Anderson is a killer... however, the cover is a bit of a giveaway. I also like how you get a flavor of the time period. The clothing is an especially nice touch and I really like Mrs. Anderson’s character design. I wouldn't really compare Mrs. Anderson "Hannibal" though since it doesn't seem like she's a cannibal... unless she's feeding her family extra "special" meals.   Lady Killer #1 will be released on January 7th, 2015. A nice bloody welcome to the New Year.


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