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“The Force Awakens” Trailer Has Finally Landed

"The Teaser J.J. Abrams promised fans earlier this week has finally dropped: and it is awesome"
The Force Awakens Trailer Oscar Isaac in the cockpit of an X-Wing, John Boyega alone and scared in the desert, Daisy Ridley on an "Episode I - esque" hover bike, and a villainous shadow with a lightsaber unlike anything we have ever seen. The new Trailer has a taste of everything, and the substance of nothing. Although we get a truly sinister voiceover (Andy Serkis perhaps?), all we really know is that it seems The Dark Side was not completely destroyed at the end of Episode VI, as a lander-type vehicle full of Abrams' streamlined Storm Troopers are about to be unleashed upon an unknown opponent. Abrams provides us with a look at a cute little droid that is either riding a soccer ball, or has made use of some very interesting means of locomotion. The hover-bike Ridley rides through a desert, is interesting only because of the spine-tingling sound it makes while racing above the ground - evoking nostalgia for the prequel trilogy that I did not know that I had. We get a look at plenty of aerial vehicles, as we catch a glimpse of Oscar Isaac piloting a newly designed X-Wing, that joins formation with several others as they scream just feet off of an alien body of water. Creating some spectacular visual effects, while strongly appealing to the audience's sense of nostalgia and adventure, the brief clip of the beloved vehicle is truly spectacular. Did I mention the EFFING MILLENNIUM FALCON? In one of the most dazzling shots of the trailer, the Millennium Falcon comes roaring into view as the camera twists and turns to follow. As the Falcon crests a hill, we catch an extremely brief, yet completely unmistakable glimpse at two TIE-fighters as they fire at our cherished (Han Solo?) ship. AWESOME Don't worry, fellow Star Wars fans, the trailer is complete with a (albeit strange) lightsaber wielded by what looks like Voldemort. A strange, hilted, almost flame-like, red blade extends from the saber as the dark figure stalks an unseen prey. We get another lightsaber noise as the trailer cuts to black, and after things are thoroughly brought to a crescendo via a new score by John Williams. Just seeing those yellow letters floating through space is enough to get even the most prequel-hardened fans back on the side of excitement. December 2015, here we come.


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