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Four DC Comics that Would Make Better Shows than Gotham

I've begged FOX not to make that Gotham show, but my pleas went unheeded. So I guess that's happening. For a little while, at least. Who knows, there's a possibility that it could turn out to be good. I have to admit that. But I'm not confident in it to say the least. So let us take a little flight of fancy and visit parallel worlds wherein FOX developed other DC Comics. DC Comics that would be more interesting in a TV format than a rookie detective in a fictional city with not-yet-supervillain-supervillains. But which comics? LET ME SHOW YOU. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="465"] NOOOOOOOOO![/caption]

4. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing. Botanist gets blown up while working on a plant-growth formula and the swamp he's thrown into grows him a new body. Or, botanist is chosen by The Green -- a metaphysical dimension that flows through all plant life -- and becomes their new champion. Either way, it's a super powerful plant-monster who gets into all sorts of scrapes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="327"] Sometimes there are wings involved.[/caption] First off, the obvious thing. It'll mostly take place in Louisiana and Louisiana is really hot right now. Both True Detective and True Blood (or "The Truths" as I've just now started calling them) take place there. That's two whole shows. It's the new hot setting. The big advantage of a Swamp Thing series is the amount of awesome television you could have. The range of stories, everything from regular serial murder mystery to invading gods from beyond understanding, are free to explore. Not only that, but the character of Swamp Thing is not the usual comic book fair and has some of the most unique power sets out there. It would be totally unlike anything else on TV. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="279"] More unique a TV character than a troubled detective? It's hard to say.[/caption] Would it be heavy on special effects? OH MAN would it be. But it doesn't have to be any more expensive than Agents of SHIELD or Once Upon a Time. Although, Fox is making a Batman show without any of the effects, costumes, Batmen, or props so maybe effects driven isn't the way to go. Hmmm.... how about:

3. Suicide Squad

Here. A cool ensemble show with a lot of possibilities that has an edgy, in-your-face title. All the kids wanna watch Suicide Squad! A group of supervillains (the roster will change due to... well, death...) led by the marksman-for-hire Deadshot will have to perform a number of suicide missions for the government in order to gain their freedom. You could fit in so many comic book references and characters WITHOUT getting more expensive than any other espionage procedural show. You could even focus on a "realistic" (throw in a "gritty" for good luck) take in order to save money too. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Gotham's Catwoman -- Catgirl? Does her back story still have her as a prostitute? Time will tell.[/caption] Let's also keep in mind that these aren't superheroes, these are antiheroes at best. That means this show can be as brutal as Arrow wanted to be and as shocking as NBC's John Constantine can't be. There could be death, double crosses, and passionate rough loving. For the kids!

2. Wonder Woman

Mike, no! This accursed character cannot be made into a show! She's been in limbo for years! It's impossible! Well impossible or no, Wonder Woman would make a better show than a Batman-less Batman. At least... as long as you don't do anything close to the 2011 attempt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVRptUJocAo I've already written on the benefits of a Wonder Woman TV show, but the main points are this: 1) advantage of the only comic book show with a female lead 2) unique superhero origin makes unique stories, and 3) you can access a wider audience with a relatable female character. Plus think of all the stuff Fox would allow Wonder Woman to do that NBC wouldn't! It would be like a perfect fit!

1. Batman



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