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Four Outcomes of Secret Wars We Need to See

We're real close to Marvel's Secret Wars mega-event that is set to shake up the whole universe. The Marvel universe, not ours. Though, Marvel technically exists in our universe as a comic, so if that changes, wouldn't ours as well due to that aspect changing? Man... I'm going to have to think on that one. Anyway, since these events usually try and make big, controversial changes in order to grab headlines, lets not even bother guessing what the huge twists will be. People will die, lives will change, yadda yadda yadda. Instead, I've complied four outcomes that I hope this event will bring about. Spoiler warning, guys, beware! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="249"] For instance, Reed starts sporting a mean salt-and-pepper beard[/caption]  

Close Cyclops' Current Arc Already!

Cyclops, hopped up on Phoenix, kills his father figure/mentor Charles Xavier, setting off what feels like decades and decades of self pity or loathing or anger depending on the writer. He became a bad guy to his friends, his sorta enemies, and pseudo family. Boy scout to fugitive murderer. It did open up an interesting path. He started his own radical school, fought the power, lead a mini-revolution, and became even more fervent to his cause. He's been changing, arcing if you will. It's building to an end that I don't we're going to get before Secret Wars. And it needs a concrete ending. Something real. We need to get closure and move on, as is comic book tradition. To illustrate this, let me point out that he's been scolded by The Scarlet Witch, who if you'll remember, killed every mutant on the planet save for 199 with a whisper. And she didn't have an all-powerful super god inside her making all wacky.   So after all the alternative X-Men fight it out, or whatever, I hope we get a definite end to our Cyclops' current arc. Though, I have a feeling they might just replace him with another, alternate Cyclops. Like the one from the 90s with all those pouches. He wasn't complicated. There was no blood on his hands. Just four or five thigh pouches.

Keep Storm as X-Men Leader

Currently, in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Storm runs the show. She even has her own  X-Men team. She's an interesting, conflicted leader with the wisdom and power to be believable. It's working pretty well so far. I understand that there'll probably be a push to get Professor X back in charge or, at least, some version of Cyclops, but I think Storm makes an even better leader to the team. Reason being, we've seen a ton of people lead the X-men for a long periods of time (Cyclops and Professor X included) and Storm has never really had her era. She's never really defined herself in that role. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="595"] She got her mohawk back and everything![/caption] So, hopefully, Storm is able to maintain her position after Secret Wars in some way. It would really help her define her "era" in such a turbulent aftermath. Lot to control, a lot to weather. A really cool place for a lot of interesting stories.

Don't Just Kill off Peter Parker/Go Easy on the Spider-People

Marvel has a problem with Spider-Man. One symptom of the problem is that they love killing (or "killing") off Pete for those sweet, sweet headlines. Delicious. It happened in the Ultimate universe, it happened in Superior, and it kinda happened in Clone Saga. And a bunch in Spiderverse if you count all the alts. Anyway, we all know that Miles is going to hop over to the main continuity, I just hope that we don't have to kill Pete to do so. It's not even that I like Peter Parker (though I do), it's because it's played out to death. Holy crap. Find another avenue for him. it's spent. However, this isn't some invitation to load up on Spider-People. Far from it. We need to talk about your Spider-Addiction, Marvel. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="540"] This is an official image, guys![/caption]   Let's say that Miles comes over and, because she's so popular, so does Spider-Gwen (somehow). That leaves Pete, Silk, Scarlet Spider eventual, and whoever else comes out of the woodwork. That's so many spider-themed heroes. Is this leading to some kind of Spider-Men book? Is that what you're doing to us? We've just had an event made out of every version of Spider-Man ever. Was that not enough to sate your spider-lust? Hold it back this time, Marvel. We have enough spider-problems.

Doctor Doom Needs to Answer for being Rabum Alal

The universes are collapsing because of Rabum Alal, and this almost assuredly will lead to Secret Wars. Recently it's been revealed that the dread Rabum Alal is non other than Doctor Doom himself. I'm sure Hickman has more in store before we get to the main event, but there needs to be some semblance of consequence for this, correct? Unless there's a twist where he needed to do it or what have you. There has to be something. I mean, Namor got a lot of flack from blowing up one planet. Doom blew up most of the planets. There has to be some kind of repercussion. I also think that'd make for an interesting storyline. Doom's road to redemption. Maybe destroying the universes was needed and he had to fix the mistake. Maybe only he can get the worlds separate again. It is Hickman, after all, he loves his Doom. So those are what I hope to see with Secret Wars dust settles. What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below.


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