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Four Potential Magic Villains for Agents of SHIELD

Magic's in the MCU folks, get over it. Not your Thor, Arthur C. Clark advanced-science-is-basically-magic-anyway bull, I'm talking the real deal. We've got Doctor Strange, The Ancient One, probably Dormammu, and Mads Mikkelsen with an eye infection. That's not all! Satan's on our TV screens, ladies and gentlemen, and not just through the power of Pokemon. Agents of SHIELD has Ghost Rider! It's a weird amalgam of the mythos, but it's still heavily implied that the good ol' Devil is still involved. We're only a few episodes in, but we're already piling on ghosts and famed Necronomicon ripoff The Darkhold. This opens the door for all kinds of awesome magic-based villains. Literally a world of magical monsters and madmen, a virtually endless landscape of possibilities. Here are four.


marvel-dracula Yeah, that's right. The King of the Vampires. Dracula. He's huge in the comics, everyone fights him at some point. Especially the X-Men... for some reason. It's only natural that a monster-of-the-week show would get a super monster for one week. To be fair, the show would need to set vampires up first. It'd be way too jarring to throw Dracula at them while also introducing the concept of vampires. I'm not saying Vlad should be a big-bad, but a mini-arc for sure. Plus, I'm sure there'll be a ton of Dracula jokes for Skye that'll make me want to jump off a bridge, and we can't contain that to just one episode, can we? Can we, Jeb?

Morgan LeFay

morganlefay Merlin's arch-nemesis is a big deal, but I don't think any of the movies are going to want her. Maybe a future Doctor Strange sequel. I think she'd make a perfect big bad for Agents of SHIELD. She plays the long game, she's a manipulator. She employs a lot of monsters to get her business done. That's what we need. Not to mention, she's way deep into The Darkhold and that's already been set up! It'd also be a really cool role for an actress. Not only is she thousands of years old, but she's royalty, she's sophisticated. Incredibly intelligent, imposing, powerful. We haven't had a very powerful female villain in the series, I think it'd be a really cool change of pace.

Jack O'Lantern

jack_olantern HE'S NOT MAGIC. I get it. Agents of SHIELD isn't afraid to change details, though. The Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider is different, Deathlok was different, Hive was different. It's not much of a change to make Jack O'Lantern some kind of demonic headless horseman for the modern age. Think of it almost like the Green Goblin on horror-themed steroids. A cackling madman with a pumpkin head and a love for murder. He could be both terrifying and just a little campy. That's perfect for Agents of SHIELD! Though, I guess they may have already hit their flaming-headed villain quota.

N'Kantu the Living Mummy

knatu-dumbfounded A spooky mummy. Do I need to go on? Alright. Agents loves to make a villain turn into a hero through a series of tragic events. And vice-versa. They've done it a dozen times. Wouldn't it be super easy to do that with N'Kantu? A seemingly unstoppable monster from beyond time? He appears to be on the rampage, but in the end he's just trying to stop something worse. Something Egyptian themed? It's also much cheaper than a Ghost Rider or Jack O'Lantern. Just makeup. Also, I think it'd be hilarious to see him go on a rampage. They did a spooky mummy on an episode of Doctor Who, I think, but that one disappeared. Mostly because after a while shambling becomes indistinguishable from comedic dancing. [caption id="attachment_88571" align="aligncenter" width="311"]excuse-me-knatu I need to see whatever this is[/caption] Weird how it had a Halloween theme, right? GAH! Should have saved this for a Halloween-themed list. Cripes. Anyway, if you have any other magic-themed villains I missed, let me know in the comments below.


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