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Fox Continues to Find Inspiration in Movies

"Fox wishes to convert movies into grown up television shows."
Fox continues to look at movies for upcoming series. Its latest mission is to turn the 1988 movie Big into a half-hour comedy. This comes after the network is in development to bring Minority Report to television, while NBC is in the process of adapting Problem Child. The writers of the recently cancelled Enlisted, Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce, will work on the project. fox-adapts-big-02 In the film a young boy wishes to a magic wish machine to become an adult. His wish is granted and the young Josh grows up overnight. The film starred Tom Hanks as the adult version of young Josh. The show will take the same concept only bring it to modern time. It will focus on what it’s like to be an adult versus a kid. With so many networks searching for ideas in films, it begs the question what will bomb and what will survive. Only time will tell if these movies will thrive as television shows.


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