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Fox Will Bring to Life Peter Pan’s Lost Boys

"From Lost Boys to mystery boys. "
Fox is taking a stab at The League of Pan. In a new series, the classic Peter Pan is getting a modern make-over. The Lost Boys from Neverland are moving to Los Angeles as men. league-of-pan-series-03 The League of Pan was attempted two years ago but now Andrew Miler, writer of the CW’s The Secret Circle, will be rewriting the script. According to Deadline Hollywood, the mystery thriller will be based fifteen years after the Lost Boys leave Neverland and are settled in Los Angeles. All gone their separate ways, a mysterious killer will reunite them. Now, they must work together to stay alive and figure out the mystery of who is hunting them. Peter Pan and his Lost Boys have taken human form before and the latest was in season three of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. However, in the show they were fearless and devious but in this new show they will need to regain their bravery. Of course, the title of the new series sounds like the show will be more based on the Lost Boys than on Pan himself.


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