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Frozen 2 On the Way

Get ready to "Let It Go" all over again. Variety reports today that Disney has announced a sequel to the 2013 super-hit. The new film will see directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck return to the helm. They are currently developing the project with producer Peter Del Vecho for Walt Disney Animation Studios, the same studio that developed the original, which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Could lightning strike twice for the creative team behind Frozen 2? Will it even be any good? Only time will tell. frozenFrozen_Screenshot_02 As of yet, no release date or production details have been announced. However, if you happen to be surprised that a sequel is coming, you shouldn't be. Especially considering how Frozen made, and continues to make copious amounts money. The original took home nearly $1.3 billion at the box office after all. The only surprise here is how long it took for this announcement to be made in the first place nearly two years following the original's release. The upcoming short Frozen Fever, which opens tomorrow with Walt Disney Pictures' Cinderella is apparently a mere appetizer before the full meal that will be Frozen 2. Fans of the original will be waiting on pins and needles for every bit of news as it develops.


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