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Game Informer Sets Journey to Release in March

Thatgamecompany is a name that doesn’t really mean much to anyone who isn’t that big of a gamer.  In fact, even if you listed the games that Thatgamecompany has developed, most non-gamers would not be able to recognize the titles, let alone describe the gameplay.

But for those of us who have played this generation of consoles and have been particularly fond of the “indie” genre, Thatgamecompany is a name that we have learned to cherish.  Between Flow and Flower, Thatgamecompany has done well in securing a fan base and developing games that are unlike anything else that is out on the platform.  Their newest release, Journey, has been getting quite a bit of prelaunch hype, and for very good measure.  Their traditional style of simplistic gameplay with beautiful graphics is present in Journey, but the road to release has been plagued with hiccups.  After being delayed multiple times though, it looks like Journey may be coming much sooner than we think.  A recent preview article in Game Informer stated that “No matter how you describe [Journey], it's a title that should absolutely be on your radar as we near its release in March.”  While Game Informer is certainly not the know all for release schedules, their rumors often turn out to be quite true, and a release next month would give it little competition (in the market that it is appealing to).


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