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Crysis 3 Revealed

In a move that may not be surprising to anyone, Crytek and EA have revealed that there will in fact be a Crysis 3 that will be coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in 2013.  The first Crysiswas well known as a very taxing PC game, in which many people would actually go out and have to fully upgrade their computers in order to run in the quality that it could be run at. Crysis 2 was a pretty strong follow-up (it may have not garnered the same attention as the first, but it was a strong game in its own right), but the big thing about the second game was that Crysis 2 was the first in the series to come to platforms outside of the PC (it was also released on the Xbox 360 and PS3).

One of the big differences between Crysis and Crysis 2 however, was the setting.  The first Crysis took place in a tropical jungle setting, so the ability to really go all out on graphics was an option, and they definitely redefined the way that graphics looked in a game of that age (it came out in 2007).  Crysis 2 changed the setting drastically to a much more city-like environment, which could have been to make in easier on the graphics capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360 (which are fixed, unlike PCs, where you can upgrade).  Well, fans of the first iteration can rejoice, as the location of Crysis 3 has also been revealed as a New York setting that has been overwhelmed by a jungle area, which means that the setting will very much resemble Crysis as opposed to Crysis 2.  An exact date has not been released yet, but with shows like E3 and Pax Prime around the corner, we should expect more details to come out soon. 

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The Ever Adapting World of Games

I have recently been playing a bit of a psn game titled Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the Game, and while I have been playing it, I started wondering about the cyclical nature of certain types of games, and how certain genres seem to ebb and flow with each new generation of console.  For example, if we go back to the days of the NES, we see many games such as Scott Pilgrim (side scrolling beat em ups), yet if you look at that same genre today, you would be hard pressed to find many more outside of re-releases of the older games, yet if you say that you want to look for a modern military shooter, you cant take two steps without running into a sea of them.

This seems true of nearly every console, and while some of these moves are obvious (they couldn’t put out many of the modern shooters on earlier systems solely due to the fact that they didn’t have the amount of power needed), why is it that we do not see more of these “retro” style games released on the current consoles?  Two examples that I can think of off the top of my head are Rayman: Origins and the previously aforementioned Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the Game, and while they may not have as many explosions or violence, they are both extremely competent and fun games in their own rights, yet they seem to get overlooked by the media in favor of the next modern military shooter or FPS.

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Persona 3: FE to Release on PSN in the Very Near Future

Those who are fans of the role-playing genre who own any Sony system have most likely heard of the name Shin Megami Tensei.  From its origins on the Playstation 1 to the upcoming Persona 4: Arena, the systems have seen quite a lot from this series, but up until this point, many of the role-playing games have not been released on the PS3 (all of the series has been released on the PSVita, but the PS3 has received nothing up to this point).  And while Persona 4: Arena certainly does look like a good game, it is hard to say that it is the same as the role-playing games that have captured the hearts of fans across the world.

This will all change, because a recent story ran on IGN states that Persona 3: FES (essentially the directors cut of P3) will release on the PS3 as a PS2 classic on this Tuesday, April 10th.  Most of the PS2 classics up to this point have been $10, so we can expect the rough price point to be in that range, although officially, nothing has been mentioned about the price.  If they release PS: FE as a PS2 classic, do you think that this could be one step closer to a release of P4 (what some consider to be the best of the series) on the PS3 console?    

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NISA Reveals Bevy of New Games

The Disgaea series has always been known as a very traditional RPG series that sticks to an aging concept (grid type, turn based battle system), yet does it so well to the point that it holds up against many other, much more ambitious, RPGs.  In fact, in a day an age where the traditional RPG is dying in favor of a action RPG (a la Mass Effect or FFXIII), the developer NIS America has stuck to its laurels in making very traditional, yet very strong JRPG games.  The only downfall with this is that because NIS specializes and is a much smaller company, they tend to not release as many games as someone like Bioware or Ubisoft. Luckily for fans of the developer though (who own PS3s), the future is looking pretty bright.

As was announced on the PlayStation Blog a few days ago, NISA (NIS America) recently came out and started discussing 3 PS3 exclusive games that will be coming to the United States.  They are all mostly RPGs, but the interesting part comes in the fact that The Witch and the Hundred Knights (which is set to release in early 2013), is taking a very different turn in the traditional dealings of NIS, in that it will be adopting a much more action oriented aspect, which should be interesting to see considering what they have been able to do with the traditional formula in the past.  The other two games are set to release this year, and are called Legasista (set to release in August of 2012), and Mugen Souls (which is set to release in the fall of 2012).  To read the full press release with video and photos of each of the games, check this link.        

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PlayStation Plus Perks Revealed for April

One of the biggest questions that was always asked about the implementation of Sony’s paid service, PlayStation Plus, was whether or not the rewards that one could get for signing up would be worth the money (which is the same price as Xbox Live), seeing as the free service is relatively strong post break-in that happened last year.  PlayStation Plus members have reasons to look forward to this upcoming April though, as the rewards for April were recently announced on the PlayStation Blog, and they look to be pretty strong.

The offerings for the month of April largely come in the form of free games, and while some of the games are a bit stronger than others, there are some titles that look to be pretty strong.  On the 3rd of April, PS+ members will be able to get their hands on Shank 2 free of charge, which is pretty awesome considering the fact that the first game was quite strong, albeit a little short.  Another strong freebie that releases that day is Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed, which is pretty big, considering that it is only 5 days after the game releases retail, and it will be for free.  The last big title that will be released is a PSOne classic version of Silent Hill, which I think is a pretty enticing offer considering that the HD Remake will be released a few days before.  Do these perks seem like something that would make you consider signing up for PS+, or do the rewards not really seem worth what you would be paying for them?    

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