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Game of Thrones and Veep Enjoy Record Ratings

Sunday night seems to be a popular time to air the best-quality television shows, but this past week this strategy truly showed, as Game of Thrones and Veep each pulled in record numbers, while competing with other popular shows. Game of Thrones, which seems to grow in popularity all the time, has broken yet another record in viewership, making it the third week in a row that the show has set a new record. Game of Thrones set a record of 4.4 million viewers with its season premiere on March 31. The week after it boasted a substantial 4.9 million viewers, but this past Sunday the show set an even bigger record with 5.3 million viewers. It seems that nothing can catch up to this epic show, whose devoted fans are making it a bona fide hit.

Game of Thrones
 airs at 9 PM while Veep, a new political comedy, follows at 10 PM. Veep, only in its second season, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President of the United States, netted 1.3 million viewers this past weekend, ratings which were up from its 1.2 million debut on April 14. Game of Thrones, with its complex storylines, is able to hook viewers and get them to continue coming back in order to follow the plot, while the humor and creativity of Veep seems to be a big draw for viewers. If the record ratings for these shows are any indication, HBO puts out some great shows that are certainly worth checking out.


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