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Game of Thrones – The Sons of the Harpy Review

"Another Excellent Episode"
Well, Game of Thrones is really on a roll now. "The Sons of the Harpy" wasn't quite as strong as last week's "High Sparrow," but it was another strong episode, full of interesting plot movement and character development. While some fan favorites were missing this week (namely, Arya and Brienne), we did get another look at Dorne, which is turning into quite the interesting addition to the series. The highlight of the episode, for me, was the interaction between Bronn and Jaime. I'm thrilled that Bronn is still a part of the series, as it appeared that he might vanish with Tyrion on the run. I can't decide if Jerome Flynn just has incredible chemistry with everyone he meets, or if Nikolaj Coster-Waldau just thrives in one-on-one scenes, because both men are once again doing excellent work. The injection of humor their scenes brought to the episode helped alleviate the foreboding mood brought about by the murder and destruction shown in King's Landing and Meereen. And wow, were those scenes particularly awful to watch. The Sparrows are certainly not quiet little birds. Rather, they are now empowered soldiers, cracking skulls throughout the capital, judging those they deem unworthy. Considering this was yet another step in Cersei's plan to completely neutralize the Tyrells and leave Margaery isolated and alone in King's Landing (sending Lord Tyrell away and imprisoning Loras was pretty smart, on paper), I can't help be think it will backfire on her. After all, she just sent her loyal protector to guard Lord Tyrell on a worthless errand, and Lancel (who knows all her secrets) is now armed and righteous. I fear Cersei may have overplayed her hand a tad.


On the other side of the sea, Dany is floundering in the face of the Sons of the Harpy. I was particularly gutted to see Ser Barristan and Grey Worm left for dead in the episode's closing moments. Considering Barristan had a strangely large amount of screen time and was allowed to share a lovely story (and was mentioned by Littlefinger to boot), by Walking Dead rules, he's toast. I can't see Grey Worm being killed off at this point, considering his recent flirtation with Missandei remains unconsummated, but on this show anyone can go at any time. Losing even on these men would be a huge loss to Dany's campaign. Losing both would be catastrophic. If the series really wants to force Dany to become a leader, killing off two of her most trusted advisers would do just that. It would also make the return of Ser Jorah all the more crucial. Speaking of those in potential danger, it looks like Sansa is about to be thrown to the wolves. I couldn't help but yell at the screen when Littlefinger told her he was heading back to King's Landing (where I doubt the Sparrows will offer him a joyous welcome, in light of what they did to his brothel this week). While neither of them know what Sansa is getting into, I can't see this ending well. Or, at least it will get way worse before Brienne sweeps in and save her. Stannis cannot attack Winterfell soon enough. The storylines are clicking and the plot is moving. We are almost at the halfway point in the season and I'm really excited to see where things are headed. I have to say, the writers really have the show on the right track this season, and that's a welcome change from last year's uneven season.


Final Thoughts: -- We finally met the Sand Snakes (well, three of the four), and aside from the exposition dump speech, they look pretty amazing. It's really nice to see some truly awesome women warriors. -- As we learned this week, Dorne has survived as a (more or less) autonomous state in Westeros thanks in great part to its inhospitable terrain. Mountains on one side and a foreboding desert on the other, Jaime and Bronn have a rough trek ahead. Good thing they have those horses. -- Not entirely sure what the Jon-Melisandre scene really added to the story, other than to once again show that Jon is resolute in his desire to remain with the Night's Watch. -- How long until Tyrion annoys Jorah enough to get gagged again?
  • Great dialogue between Bronn and Jaime
  • Building plot slowly, but surely
  • Jon scene felt out of place in the episode


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