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GC 2015: Vega Joins the Street Fighter V Roster

"Another classic character returns for the highly anticipated sequel"
Capcom has surprised the morning crowd today with a new character trailer for Street Fighter V. The handsome fighter Vega makes his return along with some new moves and changes. The trailer can be seen below.

The biggest change Vega is getting is that he is a stance character with or the without his signature claw. He gets a new command grab without the claw as an example, but not likely have the same poking distance with the claw as seen throughout his appearances in the series. Playing without the claw can also lead into new combos and also a must if the claw gets knocked off. Some of his special moves seen in the trailer have changed in a bit with new knockdown or combo starter properties as well.
Vega's V-Skill, the Matador Turn, allows him to swiftly dodge an attack and choose to counter attack or escape out of harm's way. His V-Trigger, the Bloody Kiss, is where the party gets started for him personally. He throws a rose whether from the air or the ground and if it hits, it delivers a series of claw hits, which can also lead to creative setups or combos.
Street Fighter V is playable at Gamescom playable this week with Vega playable and likely Necalli, the newcomer that was announced at Evo last month. Capcom hasn't said anything about when the beta is coming back due to it's issues, but I hope the roster revealed so far is all playable when they decide to put it out again.


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