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Hoax Hunters a new on-going comic over at Image is about how supernatural things like Bigfoot or scif-fi things like Alien abductions are real.  This is a similar premise to Proof by Alexander Grecian, but whereas that book was a unique take on the buddy cop genre, Hoax Hunters is a commentary on TV and its ability to mislead us.  

Writers Steve Seeley and Michael Moreci must have been watching these reality shows on the Discovery and Learning channels and wondered - what if this stuff was real?  Then what if the point of these shows was not to entertain us but to act someone like the agents from Men in Black and convince us that these beasts were fake.  They don’t do it with advanced alien technology that erases our memories, they do it through the medium of television.  And why wouldn’t we accept it?  We’ve already been trained by decades of Scooby Doo to know that there aren’t ghosts - it’s old Farmer Brown in a mask with some fluorescent baking powder.  

“Steve and I are having fun—we’re writing the comic we’d love to read," added Moreci. "It has a little bit of humor, suspense, and brain candy. The story blends genres, histories, and folklore into something unique and unusual. If we achieve that month in and month out, we’ll feel like we’re doing our job.”

Joining Steve Seeley and Michael Moreci is artist Axel Medellin, known for his work on Elephantmen.

Hoax Hunters will be out on 5 July and I know that I am very curious to see how it turns out.

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