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God of War: Ascension Confirmed

What began as an accidental spoiled reveal by Amazon was later confirmed by Sony; a new God of War for PS3 is indeed on its way and it isn't God of War 4.

What God of War: Ascension is can be assumed by just about anyone who's followed the past releases in the franchise. The trailer (posted below) that made its way online seems to indicate it is another prequel revolving around yet another untold side story staring the ghost of Sparta.  No release date has been confirmed yet but in all likeliness the game will be shown in full at this year’s E3.   Where exactly the series will go story wise looking forward we likely won't know until the inevitable God of War 4 which Sony has quite cleverly seemed to have reserved for the PlayStation 4 which makes so much marketing sense it made me laugh when I realized.


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