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It’s a Good Time for Snyder to Leave Batman

Scott Snyder is leaving Batman for Detective Comics, you guys. Oh I know. One of the few creative teams that have survived since the beginning of the Nu52. One of the best books since DC's reinvention, Batman has reinvented aspects of the universe as well as adding lasting elements. It has explored the character, it has made outdated concepts new again. It was the newest of the New 52s. Having said that, I think it's time for Snyder to leave the book. I admit, I'm a little bummed by the idea. I don't know if I'm going to follow him over to Detective Comics. Batman isn't going to lose money, of course, but it will definitely take a new direction in the story. No offense to the future replacement writer, but that direction may not always be a good one. So let me tell you why it's a-okay he's leaving! bat1

He's Quitting While Ahead

Snyder's run has had its ups and downs, but I would say, overall, it has been a pretty positive run. One of the most memorable at least. The Court of Owls, the revamped Red Hood Gang, Batman's new, drawn out origin. Even, weirdly enough, Jim Gordon Batman. They're all great additions to the mythos. It's a great time to just stop. All good runs must come to end before they wear themselves thin. There are only so many sold ideas out there, guys! Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing is a classic, and well-received, but could you imagine if it went on for, like, four more years? We may have had a couple more cool arcs, but most likely the good things would drown in a sea of mediocre things. Not for nothing, but look at Dan Slott's run on Spider-Man. There are a definitely some good, radical things in his run, but it's been going on for years! Can anyone tell me, with all that's happened, that it's a classic? Maybe some people will say Snyder has already jumped the bat with this comic, but I think it's very much a classic. However, I do think he runs the risk of burning out or becoming repetitive. So please Scott, feel free to move on. It's better than staying and tarnishing your contributions. [caption id="attachment_79389" align="aligncenter" width="390"]Batman_owl Pictured: Contributions[/caption]

He has Wrapped it Up Thematically

Current Batman Spoilers! Snyder's run seems to have a loose arc to it. He recently "killed-off" Batman and Joker, and not in just a physical sense. He killed off the essence of each of their characters. It seems, with this arc, he's bringing the old Batman back brand new. When this arc has ended, Snyder's Batman would seem to be done, thematically speaking. I know you can go on, and in fact DC will, but for this current creative team it just feels like a nice bow on it. Snyder deconstructed the character as far as it will go. His messages have wrapped up nicely. For Snyder to push on after this would  be gaudy. [caption id="attachment_79390" align="aligncenter" width="553"]joker-face He may have some regrettable experience in going too far.[/caption]

I Think DC is About to Get Movie-Happy

DC's cinematic universe is on its way, and if Marvel is any indication they'll eventually begin retrofitting the comics to match the new deluge of fans. They want to catch a reader's eye with the imagery and story lines they're half-way used to. There's not time for arcs and character moments that have pre-existed the movies! I don't believe Snyder would play well in this box, so I'm glad he's getting out in front of it. A title like Batman will fall under severe scrutiny, but a lesser-known (to the mainstream) title like Detective Comics, would allow him some breathing room. Maybe he's made enough money for DC that they allow him more freedom, but why risk it? Plus, I don't think Snyder's style is exactly right for new fans. I'm sure many have found it and loved it, but fans driven to the comics because of the movies may find his intimate, philosophical wanderings a bit jarring. The sudden violence may be enough to keep their interest, though, who knows? I think Snyder's Batman stands best on its own. [caption id="attachment_79391" align="aligncenter" width="329"]docdeath You can't tarnish this with your silly movies[/caption] But what do you think? Are you bummed to see Scott go? About time? Let me know in the comments below!


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