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Gotham – What The Little Bird Told Him Review

gotham-what-the-little-bird-05 Well, Monday's Gotham was a disappointment. As it turns out Gruber is not the one I wished he was. His main and only purpose was to get Gordon his job back. My hopes for a concrete villain washed out like Gruber's electrifying device. Although, the show had a few appealing moments to keep the show moving forward, but those few moments were minuscule. In previous episodes, the main nuisances were those insignificant moments. Those moments such as Selina and Ivy crashing at Gordon's place or Mooney's secretive plans to bring down Falcone. The most interesting aspect of the show didn't get the spotlight. Mooney moved forward with her plans and losing a character was a minuscule moment that needed more attention. That was one shocking incident that got brushed under the rug while Gruber took the lead. So much that could have been done with Gruber. From the Balloonman to The Mask, they have all been one-hit wonders. Gruber could have been the one. He could have been that one villain who slips through Gordon's fingertips and turns into his nemesis to help him grow as a character. A possible scenario would be attacking or killing someone he loved like... umm.. Barbara? I mean that minute and fifty-two seconds scene of Barbara going home was a drag. What purpose that had, I still don't know. I would have rather seen more of Nygma's fail attempts to stump his crush. Anyways, returning to Gruber. There was such hype in last episode and I expected his past to have more of a story. Sadly, he is just another name in a list of bad guys. There was nothing romantic or exciting about the Electrocutioner. gotham-what-the-little-bird-01 Lost opportunities to rescue the show from the Electrocutioner were left in the shadows. Mooney, who had only brought a few good things to the table during the season, had an interesting day, but it all came crashing down as quickly as it rose. Her master plans to bring down Falcone were executed, but she went soft for being portrayed as ruthless. It was alluring to find out Liza was an exact replica to Falcone's mother. It brings up the questions of why Mooney hosted auditions in the first place and why was the choice between two girls? Could the spitting image to the mother have been an afterthought? Of course, something emblematic came from Falcone killing his pseudo mother. It is kind of gloomy to have seen her die, but even more melancholy to have seen Mooney's hard work and planning die in one episode. There is no doubt that whatever her fate will be she will be thinking about one person: The Penguin. The Penguin is making lots of enemies and another shining moment should have been his slip of the tongue. Ratting himself out was comical and it should have gone further. Now, he is out and doesn't have to pretend to be a double agent, but it is still not clear if he will continue to the ruse with Maroni. What is to come for Oswald Cobblepot's future? He is stepping on a lot of toes and trust isn't his greatest attribute. With all these enemies and their built-up rage, how does Cobblepot survive to be the Penguin? There was a focus on another villain in the Batman storyline, Edward Nygma, whose weirdness is un-menacing and misunderstood. All he is at the moment is a fan of riddles and fascinated with what falls on his desk. He really isn't living up to his future self. If he is just a victim of unfortunate events, maybe even bullying, does that make him better than Poison Ivy or the Penguin? Still, I am more interested in the glare he gave Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She, who has exhibited some stalker-ish vibes, has captured something in Nygma's eyes. There is more to Nygma than is being shown and it is a slow process in becoming The Riddler. gotham-what-the-little-bird-04 Common mistakes throughout the season were the introduction of these small unnecessary scenes. For the first time, it was Gordon who found himself in the unnecessary scene. It was a great episode to let Mooney and Cobblepot reign, but no such luck. We were stuck with the Electrocutioner, who wasn't what he could have been. Final Thoughts • There is something more gravitating in a Gordon-Thompkins relationship, than a Gordon-Barbara. • The Penguin has revealed his is Falcone's mole. • Liza is no more. • Mooney is now Falcone's prisoner.
  • Gordon-Thompkins
  • Penguin's slip of the tongue
  • Nygma's riddles
  • Electrocutioner


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