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Gotham – Lovecraft Review

"It's OK but Penguin's Umbrella still on top. "
With similarities to Penguin's Umbrella, Lovecraft fell short. In this episode, another assassin was introduced, a gun fight took place and Gordon is again facing the mayor. Victor Zsasz, assassin in Penguin's Umbrella, was a better assassin than this new woman, although she did have mystery to her. That wasn't the only thing wrong in the episode. Now there are two loose ends: Lovecraft's mystery and Selina is still alive. The assassin and loose ends dragged down this episode. Yet, there are still some ups that came from Bruce/Selina, Alfred and Poison Ivy. Bruce and Selina continue to bring out the best in each other. Now in a different environment, he gets to see who she really is and still values her friendship. Also, Bruce gets a taste of Gotham because of her. While, Bruce, on the other hand, is giving her a reason to care about someone else other than herself. Both these characters are helping each other grow but their relationship is still vague. David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova's characters continue to lead a brother/sister/crush friendship. Yes, they kiss at the end but she continues to call him names like "kiddo." These acts create underdeveloped characters and whether they are meant to be a couple or best friends. gotham-lovecraft-episode-03 Still, both these characters lead the audience to the future Poison Ivy. Since her father's death, she has been absent and now we find out she lost both her parents. An orphan living on the streets stands in front of Bruce who is an orphan living in a mansion. There was little conflict from their first encounter and she seems to be a person who holds a grudge. Ivy Pepper has proved that creepiness has a cute side but Clare Foley (Ivy) lacked emotion. She has the tendency to snap, get angry and then compliment but she had on one face for each emotion. That could just be her character but a character with such creepiness should be able to change her face. Then there was Alfred who finally let out what he has been hiding. Sean Pertwee (Alfred) is not just a butler and his need to protect Bruce takes his character to another level. He is unafraid to take a bullet, beat up Mooney's right hand man or running in between a gun fight. Alfred is the perfect man to train Bruce, but he will only show this side if Bruce is in danger and only then will Alfred continue to show us his capabilities. The one thing that came out of this heroic action is the love that they have for each other. In everything I have seen of Alfred and Bruce, this is the first I've seen them hug. It was a special moment between the two. Now for the downfall. All the big people running Gotham must order their assassins from the same catalogue. Larissa Diaz (Lesley-Ann Brandt), who has been labeled Copperhead, has the same look as the rest of the assassins shown on the show. But she only lands on the comparison list with Zsasz. Both Zsasz and Diaz are hired by higher powers, they carry around henchpeople and they can bring down Gordon. The difference, and not for the positive, is they are different gender, they drag around the opposite gender henchpeople and Diaz is controlled from killing by her contract. Really, they are just the same person which is why every assassin is looking like the same bunch out of a catalogue. gotham-lovecraft-episode-02 Then there are the loose ends. First loose end is Selina Kyle is still alive. Diaz was hired and under contract to kill Selina for being the witness to the Wayans' murder. Selina was able to escape and Diaz escaped through the shadows of the night. Does this mean Selina is in the clear or will she need to hide from now on? Diaz continued to be relentless and the contract seemed more important to her than her henchmen and yet she just lets Selina go. Every assassin introduced has only premiered for that one episode. If that holds true here, it means that Diaz will not show up again. So, what does this mean for Selina's future? Will another assassin come after her? Selina seems to know that staying away from Bruce by hiding in the streets of Gotham to ensure her safety. The last loose end deals with Lovecraft's mystery. After the murder on the Wayans, he uncovered something important. He most definitely knew or had an idea of who ordered their deaths. This case-breaking clue should have had Gordon interested, but it didn't follow up on it after the chaos was over. Now another episode will need to focus on that one clue. That episode is going to be further into the future since Gordon is off the detective force and a guard in Arkham. Thinking positively, Gordon working in the asylum will give us a peak into what is hidden inside. gotham-lovecraft-episode-04 Final Thoughts • Hopefully the loose ends will come up again in future episodes. • It is still undetermined the true relationship between Bruce and Selina. • The assassins share same similarities and only Zsasz has rising to be better than the rest. • Clare Foley (Ivy) needs to show more emotions.
  • Alfred
  • Ivy's appearance
  • Arkham
  • Diaz
  • Clare Foley
  • Loose ends


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