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Gotham – The Scarecrow Review

After chasing Selina around Gotham, holding our breaths with Oswald, trying to figure out Edward's riddles, and Ivy's... whatever, Gotham has finally given us the origins of a villain. The Scarecrow, who has huge father issues, has been born. Yes, anyone can argue that the villains so far have begun their origins, but the Scarecrow has a background. We understand what the scarecrow means to him and the significance of fear. There is still a big chunk of mystery to be solved, but we have seen the before and the current. Now, all that is left is the after. His actions after he gets out of his fear coma, if that every happens. image Fish Mooney impressed this week. She has shown that no matter how dangerous the pond is, she will always be the big fish. She still uses seduction to get what she wants, but it seems it is the only skill in her current situation. A situation, I will add, that sparks an interest. She and her cell mates have been kidnapped at sea and these mysterious kidnappers are taking eyes. It is clear Fish is going to gather a posse and cause a riot. I just hope that when that happens, they get to the bottom of these kidnappers evil plot. The Penguin should be running out of luck soon enough. He is making plenty of enemies and Falcone doesn't seem to care what happens to him. Yet, Falcone is the only reason he is alive. It has been repeated that Falcone won't be around forever, so how will Oswald live on? His tactics for running away and hiding from his problems is beginning to cause stress. The audience knows he has immortality, well until Bruce puts on his suit, but those close calls get stressful at times. For my sake—and anyone else who feels the same way,—he should lock himself away for an episode or two. Maybe spend a day or two in the safety of his crazy mother's bosom. Until something happens to Falcone, Penguin better think of way to save his feathers. Fish and Oswald's subplots were good, but they don't live up to the Scarecrow's. While there is not much of his childhood or what he was doing before, we can piece together what his father has put him through. His father is or should I say was one dangerous nut and his faithful son never had a chance. His psychedelic recurring nightmare was what I expected from Gotham's villains. That torturous, crucial moment in his life is what turning into a villain is all about. He might not be the best villain seen so far, maybe not even a favorite, but we understand what leads him into that notorious path. What Gotham gets to explore during each episode is not only the birth of a villain, but also the pre-birth. If the Scarecrow didn't have the father he had, he wouldn't have been scared. The audience gets to see the events that lead up to Poison Ivy, the Penguin, the Riddler etc. Now that the pool of villains is growing, and next will be the Joker. I just hope his story is more interesting and not to blow everyone else out of the waters, but so the show can keep this momentum. image During all the of seriousness happening to everyone's life, it is good to know the show is keeping its quirkiness here and there. Thompson's and Gordon's interoffice relationship, Edward and Oswald's introduction, and young Bruce's mishap. Ok, that one shouldn't be funny, but as a disappointment nothing really came from it. In last week's preview it seemed he was going to conquer his first real obstacle. I guess climbing up that hill was a real obstacle, but the seriousness of that went away when Alfred was sitting at the top with a fire going. There was a tiny expectation Bruce would have fallen into the dirt or gotten lost. The craziest thing seen from this kid is jumping a roof top to chase Selina. There is more progress in Poison Ivy's trail to evil, then there is of Batman's path to hero. And, if you have been keeping up with the show, Poison Ivy is almost never there. They need to step up their game and give Bruce a harder challenge to get out of. Which, from this week's preview, is highly doubtful. Little Bruce Wayne is off to his first day on the job. Up until now, there hasn't been much on his father's company, so what danger could come from that? Final Thoughts Gotham has finally shown a concrete background for one of its villains. Oswald's luck must be running out. Fish is going to form a riot. Bruce has a longer way to go.
  • Scarecrow
  • Fish
  • Oswald
  • Bruce's slow progress


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