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Gotham – Viper Review

"Gotham drank its milk this week"
Gotham's Viper deserves a round of applause for doing almost everything right. This intense episode is one of the best in the season so far. In the latest episode, Gordon and Bullock investigate a new street drug that amplifies the strength of anyone who inhales its odor. Bruce Wayne is gaining knowledge about the role of Wayne Enterprises in Gotham, Mooney proceeds with her plans, and Cobblepot tells all to Maroni. The episode's high point was the newly developed drug and everything attached to it. There were many factors done right about this drug that it boosted up the show and there is hope that it continues in this path. Viper was developed as a pharmaceutical weapon. Is this sounding familiar? Well, how about the pale skin, black murky veins, and eyes glistening with death? If that is still not ringing a bell, they also have an uncontrollable desire to feast. That's right, Wayne Enterprises' WellZyn created their own zombie and they took the idea from Resident Evil. The difference, of course, is they desire milk not human flesh and they have immortal strength. The drugs after affects is just as intriguing as the before effects. I know I am sounding like Nygma but I mean intriguing in the sense of the special effects. That droopy, melting skin after the bones collapsed was like a spider sucking the blood out of its victim. Their uncontrollable strength creates chaos and ultimately turns into their own destruction, which as a silver lining means all Gordon had to do was keep the drug from hurting more people. gotham-viper-01 On the other hand, the downside to this drug was the show's explanation of how it works. Viper taps into unused DNA and while it sucks up all their calcium the victim has to consume as much dairy products but they fail on keeping up with the drugs power. It is a poor reason to give to a drug that is capable of so much. There is simplicity in it and they could have gone a different route. They gain points in trying to be creative but a better explanation would be the drug infuses itself to the DNA and the milk enhances their strength like an energy drink. Although, it should be pointed out that the milk idea is a bit ridiculous but it is needed to understand why the bones crumble. In retrospect, the drug had a funny side effect on the street musician. His choice of words and thinking of himself as a god was random. Then watching him running with the ATM strapped to his back was a chuckling moment. While this new Viper drug is the upside, the downfall is Mooney and Cobblepot in their actions throughout the episode. For a lack of better words, Fish Mooney is like the phrase 'one step forward, two steps back.' She is planning to rise to the top in a field mostly consumed by men and that's her one step forward. How is she doing this? By sleeping her way to the top; first step back. Then she pimping out another younger more naive girl and it landed her a second step back. Up until this episode, she was doing it all on her own through the use of her mind but now it is revealed that there is more to her plan. Jada Pinkett Smith's character lost a little respect and now her protégé is following in her footsteps, which most likely result in taking one step forward and two steps back. Call it pessimism or realistic but this new protégé is bound to backstab Mooney in the future. She is, after all, Mooney's baby girl. The whole idea of using sex to get what you want and stringing along another just doesn't work but this is the role of Fish Mooney. gotham-viper-02 Cobblepot is the village's idiot. His appetite to be accepted in Maroni's circle could have made him into a tuna sandwich. He told the truth too early in an attempt to get Maroni to trust him but the truth didn't sit well with Maroni. Gordon came to the rescue, yet again, and saved Cobblepot from the slicer. Now as a result of his premature actions, not only does Maroni not trust the Penguin but he also has him and Gordon under his grip. Bringing it home is Bruce Wayne with his clever detective work. He is getting wiser and doesn't need school to do it. In his quest to solve his parent's murder, he is also revealing secrets about Wayne Enterprises and its true function in Gotham. As Martha and Thomas Wayne are looking like saints, their company is looking suspicious. No one who works for Wayne Enterprises can be trusted. Bruce is catching on and there is no doubt he will find the truth. It is creating a deeper mystery to his parent's murder. gotham-viper-04 Final Thoughts • The scene in the police station is a lot like Resident Evil: Apocalypse minus Jill strutting in shooting zombies. This is only proof that they got the idea from the movie. • Nygma got a kick out of seeing the chaos in the police station. • Bullock is becoming a likable character. • The charity event is like a scene right out of Tim Burton's Batman (1989). • Falcone has an Oedipus complex and Mooney is using it to her advantage. • The television's news was brightly used as transition to other scenes. • Daniel London's character, Stan Potolsky, is another Balloonman
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  • Viper's zombie like side effects
  • Bruce Wayne
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