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Grand Theft Auto V Features Three Playable Main Characters

Even though the next trailer for Rockstar Games's hightly anticipated sequel, Grand Theft Auto V, is coming next week, today is still a big day for franchise fans as tons of new information has been revealed thanks to Game Informer's cover story from their new digital issue. It is no surprise that Rockstar is going big for GTA V and they really mean it when there are three main characters playable. Those guys are named Trevor, Frankin, and Michael. They can be switched at any time and each of them have a different playstyle. In addition, they have their own group of friends they hang out with and will continue their own activities when they're not being controlled.

Another big tidbit from the cover story is how big the city Los Santos is, which is the city where this game takes place. According to Rockstar, they say that this version of Los Santos is bigger than the worlds of GTA San Andreas, GTA IV's Liberty City, and Red Dead Redemption. That is pretty big which also includes a military base, a wilderness, and an ocean that can be explored underwater. Rockstar has also said that supporting characters from the IV series might make cameo appearances in this sequel. Game Informer's digital issue has more details on Grand Theft Auto V as the retailer version of the same issue should be out in the coming days. With some big details already known today, the wait for the next trailer on the 14th is going to be even tougher. Grand Theft Auto V is coming out sometime in spring 2013 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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