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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Finally Comes to PSN Next Week

Rockstar have announced today that as of next week, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be available to download through the Playstation Network.

From Tuesday 29th January, North American PS3 owners will be able to download the game through the console’s online store, for the pretty reasonable price of $9.99. The European release date is scheduled for the following day.

The news, which was met with many delighted comments upon its release on the company’s website, is not exactly surprising; especially since both other GTA games from the PS2 era are already available for download on PSN.

According to Rockstar, “Ever since the releases of San Andreas for PSN and Vice City for iOS and Android, we've received more than a few requests from the community wondering when they'd be able to touch down at Escobar International and return to the neon-lit streets and sun-splashed shores of Ocean Beach on their PS3s.”

However, when Tommy Vercetti’s adventures will be available to Xbox 360 owners, has still yet to be mentioned. Hopefully for them this will be the next job on Rockstar’s list, as well as adding the final touches to their next GTA game, Grand Theft Auto V, which is scheduled for a spring release.

So, will you be picking this up next week? Are you ready to don the Hawaiian shirt and cruise through the sunny streets in a golf buggy? Here at Entertainment Fuse, we certainly are and whilst it may not be the HD remake we asked for, having Oliver ‘Ladykiller’ Biscuit back in our lives is right now, enough for us.


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