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Graphic Novel of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to be Released this Year

Do you still have the itch for more Millennium Trilogy?  It’s not enough to have the books, original movies, and American remakes?  Well, then rejoice for DC is releasing a graphic novel of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on their Vertigo Imprint.  As we all know, placing it on Vertigo means it couple potentially come to the comic medium with barely any censorship.  The DC press release also mentions that the creative team is working together with the Stieg Larson estate to work on the conversion.  Source material always has to change to adapt to the medium, but it’s nice to see that they’ll be staying as faithful as possible.

There’s some pretty serious talent working on the book as well.  Writing is Denise Mina, who’s not only written her own crime fiction, but has written for Hellblazer and A Sickness in the Family.  Also from Hellblazer is Leonardo Manco, who will be sharing the art duties with Andrea Mutti.  

“We’re thrilled to be adapting this incredible story into a series of graphic novels,” stated Karen Berger, executive editor, Vertigo. “Denise, Lee, Leonardo and Andrea have such great passion for the material and stylistically they’re a perfect match to bring it to comics life. Their beautifully dark and visceral work will certainly blow us all away.”

The book will arrive November 2012.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Graphic Novel (2012)


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