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GRID Autosport Coming to PS3, 360 and PC

Racing vets over at Codemasters have just announced GRID Autosport which oddly enough is skipping the batch of new consoles just released. Coming out only for the Playstation 3, 360 and PC seems like a strange misstep in an otherwise well liked franchise.
The game looks to correct some common complaints of GRID 2 by focusing more on the racing aspect of things more than anything else. Fine tuning the handling and creating a lengthy single player career is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving GRID. A detailed blog about everything that has seen an overhaul can be found here on Codemasters' website.
It is without a doubt a bummer we won't get to see GRID on our new consoles just yet, but you can't deny how pretty the game looks on older hardware in this debut trailer. Let us know what you think about the decision to leave new consoles out of the mix in the comments below.


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