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Grimm – Cry Luison Review

"Alice in Wonderland cried wolf. "
Well, the way to retrieve Nick's powers lies with Juliette. It would have been a shocker if Adalind didn't already do it first. Cry Luison was a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. But only The Boy Who Cried Wolf came out on top. Like last week's Dyin' on a Prayer, they continue to mimic real life experience by continuing to explore hate acts against Rosalee and Monroe, but now they are also exploring races of Wesen. They have finally returned to the keys as it was introduced it in this episode but for a different purpose. grimm-cry-luison-episode-02 Inside the castle in Austria it became an Alice in Wonderland story with Adalind as the lead. All those fun house moments must have been from what she ate. The piece of food the old man gave her probably contained something that gave her one big hallucination. Meaning she was trapped in the jail cell the entire time and Viktor had his eyes on her. Claire Coffee's character was a total fool in this episode. Never learning her lesson, she continued to believe her baby was in the castle. At the end of her Adalind in Wonderland psychedelic journey it turns out she will join forces with Viktor to find her very special baby. Now, was all that really necessary? No. She does what she is told and has shown many times before to be compliant. All Viktor had to tell her is if they join together then they will find her daughter. The writer decided to create an environment that would break her into saying yes. None of that was required and those childish fun house acts couldn't break anyone. It just failed. Maybe if they spent an episode on Adalind trapped in some kind of torturous Groundhog Day, then it would accomplish the illusion of being broken. A fan of good mystery, the beginning of the Luison story was heading that direction. As it turned out the husband and his identical brothers were the culprit. For the first time they introduced the idea of litters. Identical twins, triplets, quadruplets etc are called a litter. In this case the bad guy(s) turned out to be a litter from South America. It was very stereotypical but something good came out of it. The idea of litter opens up more doors into the Wesen world. We continue to learn something new and this time we learned that races can be different Wesen but not every Wesen is the same race. The Blutbad is just a category in the family of wolves. The Luison is indigenous in South America. This results in a more dimensional Wesen. The showdown betwen Blutbad and Luison made for a great scene but who would have guessed that Luison were coward-like wolves? I guess they are more tricksters than fighters. The episode also brought back the keys but Josh, a non-Grimm whose father was a Grimm, had a different purpose in the episode. He became another reason why Nick needs to be a Grimm again. While Nick came around in the end, the show still needed to drop reasons why he and Juliette need to reverse the curse. The episode ended with Juliette agreeing but she is doing it for a selfless purpose. Her selfish shoe is going to drop any episode now. grimm-cry-luison-episode-03 Tubel continues to be unpredictable. The way she grew up has made her uncontrollable and she has embraced the kind of Grimm every Wesen is afraid of. At this point Trubel is under the care of Nick while he is showing her the ropes. What will happen if she doesn't agree with Nick or if she decides to take Chavez's offer? She sees Wesen a little differently than Nick and to her they are all bad. It is only a matter of time until the two Grimms clash. Finally, Rosalee and Monroe became victims of yet another hate act. This specific act taken again from American history. We understand the symbol but now we need to see the people behind these awful actions. Are they a club or are they normal families who have a very strong belief system? Maybe, both. There is still so much more to learn about these people. After the recently married couple missed out on their honeymoon because they are always in the middle of helping Nick, it is great to see these two be the center of attention. Even though the attention they are getting is not a positive one. Still, this brings out the importance of these characters and makes them more lovable. Hopefully we continue to learn more about these people and see more of the love between Rosalee and Monroe. For the following episodes, I hope they continue with the Rosalee and Monroe crisis, they keys and Josh, as well as the different Wesen races. Final Thoughts • There are different races to a specific kind of Wesen. • Nick has finally come around because he misses being a Grimm. • Trubel continues to be trouble. • The Luison looked like rabbits.
  • Rosalee and Monroe
  • Wesen races
  • Nick went through his retreat
  • Luison
  • Adalind in Wonderland
  • Trubel


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