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Grimm – Death Do Us Part Review

death-do-us-part-05 After last week's stressful Monroe rescue, it is good to see that things are starting to get back to normal in Grimm. This week's Death Do Us Part brought us back to the slow, normal pace that we are used to. Nick is off solving his Wesen crimes, while everyone else figures out their personal dramas. This week's crime involves the death of a ghost hunter killed by electrocution during his exploration of a haunted house. There shouldn't be anything shocking about the new eel-like, after everything else seen on Grimm, but this was still unexpected. This new Matança Zumbido Wesen proves that Grimm has a lot more impressive ideas up their sleeves. It is surprising that Nick has never cross paths with a Matança Zumbido. A Wesen that can electrocute its victims should be piling up their unsolved crimes list. Yet, this is the first time one has been spotlighted on Grimm. Still, it is a pretty interesting route to take for a new Wesen. The opening scene didn't do much to open up his grand entrance. There was something exciting about a haunted house and the electrifying Wesen didn't quite mesh with it. He looks more like a lizard monster than a ghost. The only thing ghost-like about him is the electrical charge running through his entire body. They still should have made him look a bit more ghostly if they want to make it believable. Even worse was Stetson Donovan's (the Matança Zumbido) mental state. Well, it was believable that he would be stricken by grief and guilt after killing his wife, but where things take a wrong turn is when he believes Lily Hinkley, played by Devious Maids Rebecca Wisocky, is his dead wife. To quickly recap, Hinkley is the wife of the man Stetson's wife was cheating with. Believing Hinkley could separate the cheaters, she informed Stetson who instead electrocuted them in their bed. Now, Hinkley was the spark to Stetson's rampage, so wouldn't it make more sense for Stetson to take his revenge on her? Instead he dresses her up like his wife, so he could dance around the room with her. It wouldn't make sense for him to pretend he could relive his memories with the woman who took it all away. death-do-us-part-03 Now, it might just be my opinion, but I find something positive about Juliette as a Hexenbiest. She is much more powerful than Adalin and if she can control her powers, maybe she can live with it. It might not go well with Nick, but she will be able to protect herself in case anything comes banging at the door. In this episode, the Hexenbiest inside suited her really well. Plus, besides the dream of killing Rosalee, there hasn't been anything menacing or threatening towards the group—nothing concrete and real of course. This could be a way to strengthen them as a whole. While we know what is happening to Juliette, Nick is a different story. After getting his Grimm powers back, he has not been the same. The only problem is he unleashes that weird side when he is really angry and not he or anyone else has noticed it. There is no telling what this means for him or if he loses control during that pale change. The only incident of this happening was during the kidnapping of Monroe. It is the same as when he turned into a zombie. He was never the same after that as he wasn't after this. It is taking a toll on him that is still unknown. What would really be a downside is if they do what they did after his zombie side effect. They might just try to bury this side effect until it is forgotten. Whatever the case, a hint has been dropped and they need to move forward with it. Juliette and Nick aren't the only characters who are going though some kind of transformation. Renard is dealing with some traumatic stress that is manifesting itself. I wonder if Adalind had anything to do with that. She is, of course, heading to Portland. Maybe she added something in his drink. Then again, it could be another side effect from his mother's powers. One thing is for sure, something is happening to everyone. The only difference is what is happening to Juliette and Renard will get a follow through. Grimm 411 - Reggie Lee Unlike Hank and Juliette, Wu is catching on quicker and becoming a big help. He could be the walking encyclopedia that Nick needs. He seems to be retaining more things by one night of reading those books than anyone else did. It is just good that they are not spending so much time with catching him up. Now, could this be good for his character? Will the other shoe come falling down by him knowing? Hopefully this continues to protect his character in the show. Final Thoughts • Rosalee and Monroe finally get their honeymoon. • Juliette is finding answers about her transformation. • Renard is dealing with something traumatic. • Wu is a walking Wesen encyclopedia.
  • Matança Zumbido
  • Wu
  • Juliette
  • Haunted house
  • Stetson's mental state


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