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Grimm – The Grimm Who Stole Christmas Review

"So that is what fruit cake is for. "
Saint Nick saves Christmas and he did it without cutting off heads. The Christmas spirit is in the air, so I try to be as objective as possible. Although, there is no way this episode can't invoke the holiday joy in anyone else. These goblins (with a little Grinch inside of them) delivering themselves to destroy Christmas has to bring a smile to even the holiday scrooges. This week's episode certainly redeemed itself on the pace and the solution was to focus on only two issues. While Nick and Hank follow the stench of the goblins, Trubel and Josh search for the mysterious group attacking the newlyweds. Grimm Christmas It isn't much of a surprise that the mysterious group is written in Nick’s books. Those books are filled with Grimm knowledge that even Nick is still learning but that could have been covered in Highway of Tears. All these episodes continue to open scene on Rosalee and Monroe's dilemma and yet it only gets followed through until the following episode. Still, we got a lot more information on this hate gang then we did last week. The news about Wesen's version of Salem's witch trials is dangerously close to the honeymoon news. There is a possibility that the show might link these two and the couple will find themselves in a brutal trial on their honeymoon. If that is the case, then these two cannot catch a break. At the moment, it is a good thing that Trubel and Josh are on the case. Both characters setting aside their individual issues have put all their energy in looking for the group. Another good thing since their problems weren't heading anywhere just yet. It was just something to rush over. The duo has put faces to the masks that find the marriage a disgrace and there is nothing romantic about the gang. The majority of them look like rough, tough, hairy bikers and nothing like the clean, mysterious men in front of the spice shop. It felt like false advertisement and it lowers the seriousness of the gang as a whole. Not that they shouldn't fear these big brawny guys but it results in a group of people out to cause chaos and not an organized organization. To conclude, the bikers being the masked men became a forced coincidence or lazy on the writer's end. They needed to put a face to the mask and the bikers listen in on gossip. Ipso facto, mask wearing bikers who are out to destroy the newly couple. Once Nick gets his powers back, he has to capture goblins that are visible to everyone. Great timing but you can't be mad at those adorably ugly goblins. Those goblins with their green Christmas light eyes, pointy elf ears and skater clothing whose only crime is hating the holiday decorations. Why would anyone want to chop off their heads? Especially after finding out they are Wesen children going through a Wesen hormonal phase. They certainly made the episode soft and funny. These cute mischievous people with a craving for fruit cake and a funny name pronunciation turned into a joyous aspect of the show. Really, there is no way you can't help laughing at their crazy little actions, clumsy ways and leprechaun looking faces. Maybe just a small chuckle? So, how can anyone stop children goblin that doesn't lead to demise? Fruit cake! Trapping them into a truck filled with cake turned comedic. If only all Wesen criminals could be that easy. Yet, Nick still got a nice punch that would knock out the rebellion out of any normal teen. I can watch them run in their little legs all day. Because a show runs weekly, a week to us might be weeks, days or months to the fictional characters. That being said there is no telling when Juliette got pregnant but if she did during her Adalind change, does that mean her child will be a blonde Hexenbiest? While a baby Grimm might be pleasant news, I would prefer a mix of Fuchsbau and Blutbad. A Fuchsbad or Blutbau? That would really make the hate gang hit the roof but become another entry in Nick's Wesen books. grimm-who-stole-christmas-04 Lastly, Trubel is gone and she didn't leave with Chavez. As it turns out the writers wanted her to leave on good terms with the rest of the characters. That solves my continuous question of whether Trubel is a good Grimm. Her instinct to leave who she loves to protect Josh has truly made her another Nick. But, this still leaves us hanging with Chavez. She has her eyes on Trubel and has ordered her to be followed. Meaning Chavez knows exactly where she is going and will follow her. This party might be moving to Philadelphia. With Trubel and Josh gone, Nick only has to worry about protecting Rosalee and Monroe. Oh yeah, and the royals finding his mother. Trubel and Josh have eliminated the weight off of the show but it was substituted. Final Thoughts • Juliette might be bringing another Adalind into the world. • The mysterious group has been revealed and it took out the romanticism. • Rosalee and Monroe have set a date for their honeymoon but I am having doubts it will be a happy one. • Wesen can have drastic hormonal changes. • Trubel is leaving and that leaves Nick to handle the bikers.
  • Pace
  • Goblins
  • Trubel and Josh
  • Eliminated weight
  • Bikers
  • Trubel leaving


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